Southwest Allows In-Cabin Pets

Pets can now fly on Southwest Airlines. As of June 1st, 2009 Southwest allows pets to travel in-cabin. There is a two pet per person limit and each pets counts toward your carry-on allowance.

Southwest still does not accept pets in the cargo hold or any pet that is not accompanied by an adult traveler.

There are a limited number of spaces available on each flight, so be sure and let Southwest reservations know that you will be traveling with a pet.


margie wrote about 7 years ago:

we have two boston bulldogs that weigh
20 lbs each. this makes them too big
to fix under the seat in the cabin.
because of their pushed in noses they
can't be put in the cargo area. they must fly in the cabin with us. we want to move to hawaii and have had all shots and things that hawaii requires from the vet, now we are unable to get an airline to fly us in the cabin together. we are willing to pay first class $$ for each dog. they still say no, what can we do and how can we get our little dogs to hawaii

Santa wrote over 4 years ago:

Why does it cost more to fly a dog under the seat than a person setting in the seat?

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