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Robin wrote almost 7 years ago:

I just sent my Chesapeake bay retriever from New York to Puerto Rico On Dec. 20th. The dog arrived un harmed as far as I could see but the experience with the Employees on both ends was not good. Someone on line suggested that I decorate the crate with reflector tape and it is a good thing I did. They were looking at my boyfriend like he had two heads when he said he was there to pick up his dog. My boyfriend found the dog in the crate around back of the building and remembered that I said I put Christmas red duct tape all over the crate. When he asked for the dog the 3 men that were chatting back there said not right now they were changing shifts. Needless to say he demanded the dog. It was hot there and the dog drank 5 bottles of water on the ride home. They weren’t any better at JFK when I walked in with her at 5:30 am and the women behind the desk had to get up and actually work. She also looked at me like I was in the wrong place and had never seen a women a dog and a crate before. Be aware if you have to use American airlines Live cargo. I don't think there is any Sensitivity to live cargo at all.

Giovanni wrote almost 4 years ago:

I bought a gorgeous pixie-bob that came thru Alaskan air from Seattle, WA. The cat came unharmed physically but the poor thing was a mess mentally. The flight arrived on time to Newark airport, but it took 2 HOURS to find my kitten!! (That already has been in crate for 6 hours).meanwhile a guy with a fish delivery for a restaurant got his fish within 15 minutes. We complained at the front desk and to the guys working at the back. Nobody cared.
Next time I'm flying and carrying my cat in the cabin.

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