September 2012 Airline Pet Travel Report

The September, 2012 Airline Pet Travel Report contains pet incidents for the month of July, 2012.

Alaska Airlines reports the injury of a Pit-Bull who injured itself trying to chew its way out of the kennel.

American Airlines reports the loss of a dog named Brody who escaped his lead while he was being walked. American provides little detail on this incident.

Delta reports the injury of a 6 year-old Shepherd mix named Snickers who because stuck and injured attempting to chew his way out of the kennel.

Pet Travel Incidents by Airline during July, 2012.
Alaska Airlines 010
American Airlines 100
Delta 010
Total 1 2 0

See all incidents included in the September, 2012 report.


8lackie wrote over 3 years ago:

Gosh, sure would have liked to hear the advice given Lynn, all of us with pets could benefit from it.

christine wrote about 3 years ago:

i would like to know how much it would cost to send a chicuhula puppy to south carolina?

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Source: September 2012 Air Travel Consumer Report.

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