Airline Pet Travel Incidents

Denver Intl (DEN)
Denver, CO

Below is a listing of incidents that have been reported at Denver Intl (DEN) involving the loss, injury or death of pets during air travel since reporting began in May of 2005.
Current as of August 2016.

AirlineIncident DateIncident Type
United Airlines Apr 19, 2016 Injury View Report
Alaska Airlines May 15, 2015 Injury View Report
Alaska Airlines Aug 11, 2014 Injury View Report
Delta Jul 26, 2013 Injury View Report
Frontier Airlines Aug 30, 2010 Injury View Report
Continental Jul 03, 2009 Death View Report
Alaska Airlines Dec 28, 2006 Injury View Report
Frontier Airlines Oct 19, 2006 Injury View Report
United Airlines Aug 25, 2006 Loss View Report
United Airlines Jun 09, 2005 Death View Report

Traveling to Denver Intl with your pet? Make sure you take a list of emergency vet clinics that are near the airport.

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