Airline Pet Travel Incident Map

The PetFlight Incident Map shows all airports that have been included in a report on a pet injury, loss or death during air travel. You can click on the airport's icon to see a breakout of the numbers and then follow the link for more specific information.

Map of all airports that have reported an incident.

Same information in a list format:
List of all airports that have reported an pet travel incident

Airline Pet Travel Incident List

Listing of all reported pet losses, injuries, or deaths:
List of all airline pet incidents.

Listing of all pet travel incidents by airline. The number of incidents are listed after the airline name:
List of all airline pet incidents by airline.

Pet Travel Incidents Types

This graph shows the percentage of losses, injuries, and deaths of pets during air travel and shipping since reporting began in May 2005. Current as of September 2017.

Pet Travel Incidents Types

Historical Data

Year Losses Injuries Deaths Total
Full Details for 2016 0 18 25 43
Full Details for 2015 3 24 36 63
Full Details for 2014 3 26 16 45
Full Details for 2013 7 13 21 41
Full Details for 2012 1 25 29 55
Full Details for 2011 2 8 36 46
Full Details for 2010 5 12 39 56
Full Details for 2009 3 6 23 32
Full Details for 2008 4 9 30 43
Full Details for 2007 11 10 30 51
Full Details for 2006 12 10 28 50
Full Details for 2005 7 16 21 44

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PetFlight Incident Map

Airport Pet Travel Incident Map
Map of all airports that have reported an air travel, pet related incident.

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