Brent Goes to Hawaii

Brent at Lanikai Beach

Brent was ready to go as we loaded up the borrowed truck for our trip to the airport. Over the last week, everything Brent had known in the house was slowly boxed up and removed. And this morning it was his food, his bowl and his favorite toy. That was it; he was ready to go to wherever his stuff was going.

The plan was to arrive at the ticket counter one hour before departure. By arriving at the airport a little before that we were able to stop at the park and wait and let Brent out to stretch his legs and do his business.

Since we were moving, we had a lot of luggage and enlisted the help of a skycap. Since security liked to go over the kennel without a dog in it, he said to let Brent out of the kennel and to walk him in the terminal.

We were helped at the ticket counter by a friendly woman who had a dog biscuit ready for Brent which made him very happy. The additional paperwork took only a second and then we were taken over to security. Brent, still on his leash, watched as they scrubbed his kennel for explosives, something Brent found very funny.

After his kennel was cleared he was loaded up and taken behind the counter. I said a quick goodbye.

As I boarded the plane, I notified the flight attendant that I was traveling with a dog and to make sure that I got the ticket from the loading crew once he was place on board. After it seemed that everyone was on board, a man came in the cabin and handed a flight attendant a tag, she then came back and gave it to me, letting me know that he was indeed safely on board.

We pushed back from the gate and I was anxiously thinking about Brent when we stopped and returned to the gate. An issue with the hydraulics we were told, and hopefully it would be repaired shortly. And it was, thirty minuets later we were taxing for takeoff.

The remainder of the flight was uneventful, at least for me. I have no idea what it might have been like for Brent. Was he alone? Did he have a friend in a kennel next to him?

After collecting our luggage I headed off to find the Animal Quarantine Holding Station, something easier said than done. I asked around it ended up to be only about a 3 minute walk from baggage claim C.

I entered the AQS office and told the lady behind the window, who I was and that I was there to pick up Brent. She had the paperwork right there. I simply filled out my Hawaiian address, signed and dated the document. She made a copy for my records and sent someone to bring up Brent.

I saw Brent as they wheeled him down the hallway in his kennel. He has a slightly worried look on his face but he calmed down a bit as I was able to talk to him and stick my fingers through the kennel. They lady helped me place him in the back of the truck and we were done.

Less than 45 minuets after the plane landed, we had gathered all the baggage and picked up the pooch.

There was a great deal of planning, double checking, and triple checking that went on before I moved with Brent to Hawaii, but the hard work paid off as it was unexpectedly easy picking him up from the Animal Quarantine Station.

Finally Brent was in Hawaii, and slightly over an hour later he was cooling his paws at the Kailua Beach Park.


Tina wrote about 7 years ago:

Hello! Which airline did you use w/Brent?

PetFlight wrote about 7 years ago:

Brent flew Delta, mostly because we were leaving from a Delta hub and there were direct flights.

Nicole Harvey wrote about 7 years ago:


Joe wrote about 7 years ago:

Where did you flight out of? We are moving with a 70lb dog for a 10 month assignment in Kauai.

PetFlight wrote about 7 years ago:

Brent had a direct flight from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Kim wrote about 7 years ago:


I am currently living in TX and soon will be moving to hawaii.

I own an english bulldog that will be traveling with me and this will be he's first time traveling out of state let alone on an air plane.

I've also been reading on all the guidelines and requirements that hawaii has to move a pet there. I wanted to know if you could please provide me with information as far as getting all the quarantine paper work ready?
How in advance did u have to get started with your paper work?
and how long was the process?

your help would be greatly appreciated.

thank's in advance.

Mary Delp wrote about 7 years ago:

Kim: Get on the net and start your research. You will be shocked by the amount of time and money it takes to bring a pet to HI. Besides the 120 day quarantine there are the rabies test, health certificates, etc... Give yourself a minimum of 5 months if you want to have your pet released to you from the airlines. I suggest you immediately get your pet microchipped and their rabies OIE-FAVN test started immediately. Good luck.

Bri wrote about 7 years ago:

We are moving to hawaii in May and will bring our minature poodle. How did you get your dog out of quarantine so fast? I thought that you had to have them there a minimum of 5 days?

sharon wrote almost 7 years ago:

Do you know what airline goes from New Jersey to Honolulu with a 5lb dog Yorkshire Terrier allowed in cabin?

Brianna wrote almost 7 years ago:

What time of year did you fly to hawaii. I read hawaiian airlines does not fly pets to hawaii from april to october. Do you know any airlines that allow pets year round? I am moving to kauai in june with my two cats

Kim wrote almost 7 years ago:


We have a "Mini Goldendoodle" (Retriever/minature poodle mix) He is 26 lbs and just over 2 years old.

We are planning an extended stay on the Big Island or Maui. We are traveling out of Alaska and the only carrier that flys non-stop is Alaska Airlines. They will not take dogs to Hawaii due to the strickt laws there. So we ar either looking for a pet sitter for a minimum of 5 weeks. Or take a flight via seattle so that we can change carriers to get our dog there. He has all of his papers in line and should qualify for an immediate airport release.

My concern is his safety due to the changing aircraft. We have never traveled via air w/him before and not really too sure what to expect. Thanks for any comments or suggestions. Kim

Lee Venard wrote over 6 years ago:

Moving back to Hawaii to care for aging parents, problem my Chi can not be in cabin must go cargo. Willing to purchase her a ticket to be in cabin under seat as she traveled with me to other States. Her paperwork ready and approved for Direct Release, Quarantine Stn are not the ones saying she need to go cargo, it's the airlines. Why? Have read of the deaths (natural causes, heart failure), loss and injuries that pets suffer in cargo. What to do?

Larry Yackle wrote over 6 years ago:

To Lee Venard: Have you turned up an airline that will allow your dog to arrive in Honolulu in the cabin? LY.

Amy wrote over 6 years ago:

Larry or anyone let me know if you find an airline that allows my Chi on board. it is not the Hawaii Quarantine Station that does not allow them on board but the airlines themselves for whatever reason...I spoke with the Quarantine folks today... they said the animal can travel on board in checked or cargo but it is not up to does any airline allow a 2.5 pound Chi on board?

Jessica wrote over 6 years ago:

My message is for Kim and the English Bulldog? Did you make it out to Hawaii? How did it go with the Bulldog? I have also been looking into flying my English Bulldog to Hawaii, but I heard our dogs don't do to well on planes. Can you please let me know if you were able to fly out to Hawaii with your Bulldog?


Clay wrote over 6 years ago:

Did Brent fly direct to Kona? Or did he have to get released in Honolulu and then get put on another flight to Kona?

PetFlight wrote over 6 years ago:

Brent flew to Honolulu and stayed on Oahu.

Christie wrote over 6 years ago:

Anyone interested in sharing a charter flight? Because pets can NOT travel in cabin, chartering a flight would allow the pets in cabin.

Anytime in 2010 - Very flexible. The more people interested, the cheaper the flight.

Can leave from California, as its even less expensive to charter.


If you are interested.

Marie wrote over 6 years ago:

Hi I was wondering if you remember what type of crate you used for Brent. I can't really tell how sturdy the "Sky Kennels" look and I want to make sure that I get something secure. Or if you have any recommendations. Thanks!

Amy39 wrote over 6 years ago:

I am very interested in doing a charter flight or alternate route for my dog to get to hawaii. I cannot believe that the new pet airline does not go there, considering the # of travelers to the islands! I have looked into boats and there seems to be no other solution. Any idea of the cost for a charter. My email is

Dory wrote over 6 years ago:


I may be interested in a charter depending on costs. I am relocating to Oahu from Maine for grad school and have two cats that must come with us. I was also surprised that the new Pet Airline doesn't go there. I'm also wondering how we're going to handle the 120 day rule as I'm planning to move at the end of July, but 120 days from May 1 is September 1 (approximately). Also, is it safe for cats to travel that long in a carrier?

Eileen wrote over 6 years ago:

I too am interested in chartering a flight to HI. But we would need lots and lots of money! I looked into chartering and the only thing I found costs $42,000 for the smallest plane available.

Jo Kort wrote over 6 years ago:

Has anyone had any luck with any of the airlines regarding allowing the pet to be int he cabin? I have two small chihuahuas that would be terrified in Cargo. We are moving to Kauai and have done all the requirements, which are not cheap and now I find this out!!! This is insane. Notice people were interested in chartering a flight. Any luck? Looking for 2010.

Heather wrote over 6 years ago:

Pets can't go in the cabin when flying to Hawaii b/c of their quarantine laws, all pets must be in a carrier and in cargo.

Chuck Lasker wrote over 6 years ago:

$42,000 to charter a flight isn't bad if enough people come together. Considering, say, $500 each counting pets, that's a total of 84 tickets. If that's one pet per two people, that's only 28 groups paying $1,500 each. My family is moving to Kauai at the end of August. I'd gladly pay $2,000 for three adults and our Shih Tzu to be able to have Petey in the cabin with us. We're looking at close to that anyway on a commercial airline.

Diane wrote over 6 years ago:

Greetings Oahu bound travelers!

I, too am looking to travel to Honolulu with 2 small yorkies and cannot bear the thought of them being "cargo". I would be interested in a charter flight to Hawaii as well. Please keep me posted. I was looking to head that way in August and my pups are document ready. Please keep me posted on this joint effort. Mahalo! Diane

Annette wrote over 6 years ago:

I am moving Home to Hawaii in approximately 3 weeks. Am very frustrated by the fact it seems to be impossible to speak to anyone directly at SFO to visually check out the process and it's safety, the time required for arrival at the airport before actual boarding, and where and how my dog will be kept. I loved the idea of the pet/parent plane but found out they don't fly to Hawaii. Am interested on this charter plane idea and restrictions/requirements and how/who would have authorization to make a flight of this magnitude. I have asked the airlines (800) employees re: specifics as they pertain to temperature control, etc. and they are unable to provide that information. Frightening for those of us who love our pets as they are part of our family.

Francine wrote over 6 years ago:

We're moving to Hawaii in December with 2 Large Dogs from Seattle. Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines both fly non-stop from Seattle to Kahului but the do not accept pets for immediate release from the airport outer Islands. At this time they only way to get there is via Honolulu. My big guys are senior and I really want to fly non-stop and be done with it. I heard that both airlines might be starting Cargo only animal acceptance in August. Start calling Alaska Airlines Cargo and request pet cargo service. They told me the more demand they have they will start shipping pets directly to the islands via Cargo. Don't call the reservations number call the Cargo number.

Tracy wrote over 6 years ago:

My husband and I are moving to Ohau and I am terrified of having to put our 60lb boxer Lucy in cargo!!! We would be interested in the charter as well. October 2010! From S. Florda or California... Anyone looking to charter from here around this time?

Laura wrote over 6 years ago:

I am moving from Germany to Ohio next week and we had planned to take our black lab Shiloh on the flight with us but changed our minds because were were worried about the heat. We sent him ahead with PetAir today and at this moment he is 1 hr 22 min from landing (I'm watching it on a flight tracker). I just keep looking at things like this waiting to hear from my brother that Shiloh is safe and sound. I'm worried sick. Anyone has happy stories with pet air/ lufthansa?

Jessica wrote about 6 years ago:

My family and I are moving to Maui in August. I have a small chihuahua- pekingese, who has to wait four months in NC for test results! Hopefully, I will get her back by December. Can she fly alone, without me being on the plane, as cargo? I don't want to travel her by cargo, but it seems to be the only option... any other suggestions to transfer her from NC to Maui?

Jo Kort wrote about 6 years ago:

I posted one month ago about travelling in cabin with my small dogs and even as emotional support animals they are not allowed. I am looking at moving to Kauai in November or December. If anyone is chartering a plane to any of the Islands please send me an email. I am willing to pay for two animals and two adults.
jo kort

Sandi Rhodes wrote about 6 years ago:

We are moving to the Big Island on Sept. 15th. We are flying out of LAX on United Airlines. Our 58 lb. boxer Bailey is flying on the same plane that we are. He is to be released at AQS for appr. 48 hours, and then transported to a kennel in Hilo. We get to visit him every day in Hilo. Does anyone know if there is any way we can check to be sure he is okay when he goes into the cargo hold? How hot and cold does it get in there? When we land, I plan to be right there whether they want me or not!

Jody wrote about 6 years ago:

I am moving to Kona in December and bringing my dog bunny. I do not want him in cargo! Please let me know about charter. I live in Seattle. Can't depart before 12/15 because of 120-day period.

Lyn wrote almost 6 years ago:

I'm also relocating from San Diego in January and Hawaiian Airlines confirmed today that they not only will not allow animals of any kind (guide dogs?) in the cabin, but that there are only THREE places per flight for animals in cargo at all! Would love to have further information on a charter if anyone is getting this together!

Mary Gonzalez wrote almost 6 years ago:

Continental Airlines does accept animals that fit under the seat in from of you for about less then $200 as long as they r in a kennel can be soft or a hard kennel. If u have a large dog it costed the most about $500 for the cargo I'm flying my dog from texas to Hawaii in Jan and they have a link to where they track ur dog from the time he gets checked in,in texas to when he goes to the AQS in Hawaii, I am also scared of my 80lb boxer but with all the researching i've done i think i can relax a lil until of course he actually gets on the plane.

Lauren wrote almost 6 years ago:

I take my dogs to Hawaii every year for vacation. I use a pet moving company to arrange the paperwork and the flights, and the dogs travel cargo. I do not know of an airline that accepts dogs in the cabin to Hawaii, including Continental. (At least that is what they told me when I called last week.) As mentioned before, if all the requirements are done correctly, your pet will not spend any time in quarantine. From speaking to our pet travel agent - some airlines do a better job than other airlines with pets. I think that is definitely something to pay attention to! I would also recommend traveling in the cooler months, especially with your snub nose breeds.

Kim Hollingsworth wrote almost 6 years ago:

My husband and I are moving to Kauai in Jan 2011. We would be interested in a charter.

Sadie & Sepia wrote almost 6 years ago:

My husband and I have 2 10lb. Beagle/Chihuahua dogs that we need to move back to Honolulu with. We are trying to avoid putting them in cargo! We will be flying ONE-Way with the dogs from Sacramento. We are looking into chartering a flight. I got a preliminary quote for $30,000-$35,000 for up to 12 people and a reasonable amount of dogs. Our time frame February 2-5. Please post here with attention to me and your email if interested.

Tiana wrote almost 6 years ago:

Attention Sadie & Sepia:

If February doesn't work out, we'd be interested in putting together a March charter. We're hoping to leave the week of March 14th. (2 dogs, 2 people)

You can reach me by email at

If anyone else is interested in going in on a charter around Mid-March, send me an email. Los Angeles to Honolulu is most convenient for me but we're a wee bit flexible.

Note: please email me rather than replying to this thread.

Lynda Taylor wrote almost 6 years ago:

I am relocating to Kauai in Oct. from Calgary Alberta Canada. The temperatures I checked are coolest in Hawaii for October to April. If I travel Oct 2 is this alright? or does it have to be November 1st. I was told by WestJet Air cabin is same temp as cargo.I have a 6lb 17 year old tabby cat, age not good but she is healthy! that I cannot leave behind. I will call Alaska Air cargo # as some of you suggested. Alaska leaves from Calgary to Honolulu via Seattle. I looked at all the pet deaths lost & injured, there are lots including Hawaii itself. SLC is the only airport with only 3 deaths the lowest of any airport. I believe Island Air is also the only airline to go to the other islands with pets. Any help I would appreciate with answers please.

Lilia wrote almost 6 years ago:

My husband and I are moving back to Hawaii from Kentucky with two large dogs. Problem is one dog doesn't fit in the "airline approved pet carrier." So, we too are looking into a charter flight if possible. We would gladly drive to the West Coast (as was our plan to begin with.) We cannot leave before May 6th (for direct release in Honolulu.) Please send me an email if you too would like to share a charter to Hawaii.

Lisa wrote over 5 years ago:

Our family is trying to find the best way to transport our french bulldog, Coco, from Minnesota to Honolulu, HI. Coco will be staying on the Mainland until mid-late August when her AQS requirements are fulfilled. I am finding out that most, if not all, airlines have a summer travel embargo for snub nose pets (May-September) or will no longer transport snub nose dogs (Delta & American), leaving fewer travel options. In addition, Hawaii's hottest months are August-October. Understandably, airlines will not ship pets if the departure or arrival city is forecasted 85 degrees or higher (sometimes 75 degrees or higher). Also, on flights to Hawaii, animals may not travel in the cabin, unless the dog is a service dog, which our dog is not. If anyone any viable suggestions of getting our dog safely to Hawaii, please post your suggestions. Thank you for your help.

Lindsey wrote over 5 years ago:

My husband and are moving to Hawaii for 3 years and have 2 dogs to bring with us - and so I have done extensive research on how to get them there safely - and so far, the best airline to go with is Continental Airlines as they offer a Pet Friendly type policy. I spoke with a woman from Continental about this, and she told me that pets are treated as pets, not cargo. They are the first ones off the plane and the last ones on the plane. If there is a lay-over, they also take the dogs off the of the airline and transport them via a climate controlled van. She also told me that they fly year-round with pets to Hawaii .....which I will be calling back to confirm as we are planning on flying in July.
This is by far one of the most stressful things for me to think of and have to put my dogs through, so any other suggestions you may have would be incredibly helpful.
Thank you - and I hope this helps! :)

Darren wrote over 5 years ago:

We are a military family and will be relocating to Honolulu in July. I will also be contacting Continental (thank you Lindsey) to confirm they will fly our Golden Retriever there.

Melanie wrote over 5 years ago:

Lindsay - did she mention the cost? We have a 85 pound dog and looking at moving in June so Continental looks the best bet....we wound up talking to a customer service desk in India about our dog through Delta!

Terri wrote over 5 years ago:

Your dog no longer has to go to quaritine , But 6 months before you move just make sure he has all the shots required. and they have to go to the vet 10 days before they fly to make sure they are healthy enough to fly. I would only fly direct with my dogs.

Debbie Teman wrote over 5 years ago:

Does anyone know if a "companion or service dog" can fly with you the cabin or just onboard? What are the holding protocols or service dogs?

Lisa Moody wrote over 5 years ago:

I very glad I found this website and this forum. Like most of you commenting, I am also moving to Hawaii (Big Island) with two chihuahuas this year. I work with a few air charter brokers and I would like to arrange a "Jetpool" for those of us who want to charter a flight for our move to Hawaii.

The flight (or flights) will most likely take place between August - October 2011. Travel to Hawaii requires an aircraft to be at least "Super Medium" category (which can seat 8-14 people. Flight(s) have to originate from the West Coast, most likely from Los Angeles.

I'd like to take a poll to determine how many people would be interested in participating in the Jetpool. Please email me:
1) target travel date(s)
2) number of people
3) number of pets (and weights)
4) Destination Island


Jodi Clay wrote over 5 years ago:


I just emailed you. We are moving to Honolulu (Oahu) in June. Our Boston Terriers quarantine isn't up until July 29th. Because he is a snub-nosed dog I don't know any other way to safely get him to the Island except for chartering. We are very interested in jetpooling.


Lindsey wrote over 5 years ago:

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to clarify a few things with regard to the quarantine on Oahu. We are flying from Canada, and as such, there are extremely stringent rules that need to be followed in order to apply for a same-day-release at the airport. So far we have had to get both of our dogs rabies shots udpated and subsequently had to get them micro-chipped. From there we need to get their blood drawn (which is then sent to Kansas U - at a cost of $420.00 per dog - ouch!) - and we are not allowed to bring them into Oahu for 120 days from the date that Kansas U receives the blood work. If we choose to go before the 120 days, then once we arrive in Honalulu, the dogs will be taken into quarantine until the 120 days is up - which, obviously, I 110% refuse to do.
I actually have a question for anyone who can answer it - I contacted Delta (and spoke with the rudest person I've ever spoken to - which was too bad) but she told me that Delta does not have any type of pet-friendly policy or guidelines question is, has anyone heard/experienced anything different than this?
As well, I just wanted to let everyone know that Continental is apparently in the middle of merging with United Airlines - so I'm not quite sure if they will start to offer the pet-friendly policy on United flights - or keep it strictly to Continental flights (just a 'lil fyi.)
Again, hope this helps!! (I completely understand how frustrated, scary and time consuming all of this can be - but, we love our dogs and will do almost anything for them.) :)

Yuko wrote over 5 years ago:

Hi everyone, My Wirehaired Dachshund, Winston, and I are moving to Oahu on 7/4 by Hawaiian. His paperwork and fee were received there but still have to take care of the Health Certificate. I hope everything goes smoothly. Bought him a life jacket and a cooling pad for him.

By the way please let me know if anyone wants to share a Matson 20' container with me. It leaves from San Francisco to Honolulu on 7/1. It is for furniture and household items, of course. Thank you!

Lindsey wrote over 5 years ago:

Good Morning Everyone! :)
I just wanted to post something for everyone who reads these posts and who is potentially going through something similar to me, my husband and our 2 amazing dogs, Riley and Brie.
Quick overview - we are moving to Oahu at the end of August for a 3-year military posting and will be bringing our dogs with us - however we are terrified of the "what if's."
After doing extensive research on how to go about having our 2 absolutely amazing dogs sent to us from Ottawa Canada, we have learned MANY things:
1. the quarantine (as posted in a previous post of mine)
2. the safest way to send your pets
3. to NOT get overwhelmed by the 'horror stories'
#3 has caused me the most stress - and what I have learned (and what has calmed me down extensively) is this; your dogs are your family members (they are your nuclear family) and you would bring your family with you wherever you moved, and you would do absolutely everything in your power to ensure their safety and good health - and God forbid, if the unthinkable did happen - you need to know that you have done absolutely everything you can and fait is fait - but stressing about it - and reading the horror stories - doesn't help - in fact, it only makes things worse.
Stressing/being anxious/getting upset about the "what if's" is simply a waste of time - because ultimately it is not in your control.
Just think, your pets want to be with you as much as you want to be with them. Take solace in knowing that you are making the right decision for you and your family. And don't forget to think positively.

sophiya singh wrote over 5 years ago:

so i am moving to hawaii by the end of july and i am tryign to make arrangement for my dog. I read about the quarintine process online. I reside in MN right now. I would liek to quarintine my dog here in MN and then ask my friend to ship her to hawaii? is it possible. I am not sure yet if she qualifies for the 5 day of less progarm but if she does then the waiting period is 120 days. Can she live with my friends for 120 days or do i need to take her to some facility to quarintine her

Leslie M. wrote over 5 years ago:

Hi we are military planning to leave the Oahu to San Diego at the semester break January 2012 to get are bulldog off island in the cooler months. Does anyone know if there is an airline that would let him fly in the cabin to leave HI? Or any other way to get him back to the mainland safely? Please email me thx:
Leslie M.

Jules wrote about 5 years ago:

We are waiting for quarantine to finish on the mainland for our dog. It's up in a few days. Leaving AZ is too hot right now and not sure which airline to put her on. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. We are on Maui and they can now fly into the main airport. I was also told they have to be here within a certain time period once quarantine is done. Does anyone know if that is true? I thought it was a year but someone hearde a few weeks. This is stressful...

linda wrote about 5 years ago:

Anyone iterested in chartering from Hawaii to anywhere in or near the west coast? We are desperate to move our dog from Hawaii in a cabin (not as cargo) and would be thrilled to share a charter.

Jaime wrote about 5 years ago:

We are looking to move with our standard poodle in February. Can anyone give a ballpark cost to the airfare and extra requirements needed? What airlines are best for travel out of LA to Hawaii?

Christian wrote over 4 years ago:

Anyone interested in chartering from Los Angeles to Honolulu this summer (June, July, or August 2012) with me and my two cairn terriers? I was quoted ~$50k for a 10-seat jet, and I'd love to split the cost with other fellow dog lovers.

Julian wrote over 4 years ago:

I am moving to Hawaii in oct but wasnt quite sure of the no fly rules for dogs. When they say no flights for dogs between april-oct does that mean I can't book a flight for him til Oct 1 or do I have to wait the whole month of oct and fly nov 1?

Lisa wrote about 4 years ago:

Julian- Are you still moving to Hawaii in October??? Are you interested in sharing a charter flight? I dread having to fly my dogs in cargo after hearing about the recent incident on United this past week, and looking at other alternatives. Please contact me if you're interested. thanks! ...Lisa

Karen Mocarski wrote about 4 years ago:

I'm moving with my two dogs, to Maui in November 2012. They're older dogs and I'm looking for a direct flight to Maui from Phx or Souther Cali. I also am interested in sharing a charter plane.

Heather L. wrote almost 4 years ago:

We are planning to fly our English Bulldog via charter to Hawaii between June and August 2013. Anyone interested in sharing the charter please let me know.

Ryan N. wrote almost 4 years ago:

We are planning to move to Kauai between June and July 2013 and would love to share a charter with others headed to the Hawaiian Islands with their dogs. Please email me. Thanks.

Donnie wrote over 3 years ago:

My family and I are planning on relocating to Hawaii in June-July 2013. Anyone interested in sharing a charter? Heather or Ryan? please email me as well. Thanks

Amy wrote over 3 years ago:

Hello. My husband and I are moving to Kauai at the end of May or early June 2013 with our very sweet and social Great Dane. We would love to look into sharing a charter flight with others. Please feel free to contact me if you're interested. My email is Heather, Ryan and Donnie, I will be contacting you. Thanks so much.

Jackie Lee wrote over 3 years ago:

Hello. We are planning to fly to California at the end of June 2013. We are interested in sharing a charter flight. We are flexible with the date and location, as long as our dog gets there safely. Please contact me if you're interested. My email is Thank you.

laura wrote over 2 years ago:

I am moving to Oahu in 2014 with my elderly dog. Looking for charter share. I'm flexible but must travel before Nov 2014 Portland or other west coast city.

Ann wrote over 2 years ago:

Laura did you find a charter share? I'm exploring possible move with my corgi-mix, and don't want to go the cargo route. Really want a charter share.

Beth wrote over 2 years ago:

Laura and Ann, I am relocating to Oahu in Fall 2014, ( my husband is already there) and I am looking to share a charter as well. It would myself and my older boxer mix. My dates are flexible, and he will be ready to go paperwork wise by mid August.

Jerry wrote over 2 years ago:

We are moving to Kona the end of October or the first of November (2014) would like to share charter if enough people are interested

Kelly wrote about 2 years ago:

Hi All,
We will be moving with our black lab to Oahu in March/April 2015 and am looking for a someone to share a charter. Please let me know if interested.

Andee wrote about 2 years ago:

We are moving to Maui from Los Angeles (January 2015) and would be interested in sharing a charter. Please let me know if interested.

Jackie wrote almost 2 years ago:

We are planning on moving to Maui between Feb./March 2015 would be interested in sharing a charter. We want our dog in the cabin with us. please contact me.

Emily wrote over 1 year ago:

Are any of the March 2015 folks still looking for people to join a charter? I'm moving to the island with 2 dogs and would be interested if you are still looking to fill up spaces (

Sumner wrote over 1 year ago:

Looking to share charter from HNL to mainland next month (May 2015). Pls contact

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