What does enhanced security mean for my pet?

What does enhanced security mean for my pet?

The Transportation Security Administration reports that there are no security procedures that prohibit you from bringing a pet on a flight.

If you are taking your pet in the cabin, you will have to inform security as you proceed through the security checkpoint. If it is possible you may walk your leashed pet through the metal detector with you. If for some reason that is not possible, you and your pet will be required to undergo a secondary screening, including visual and physical inspection by a TSA Officer. You may be asked to remove your pet from its carrier so the carrier can be sent through the X-Ray, but NOT your pet!


diane del grosso wrote about 6 years ago:

I am moving from the U.S. to Mexico.
I am bringing my cat.
He currently weighs 13 pounds and fits comfortably in a regulation air carrier for in cabin flying.
Are there weight restrictions on most flights?

Delores wrote over 5 years ago:

Yesterday I was on American Airlines Flight 1039. Someone had the biggest German Shepard I've ever seen. The handler did not appear to be a special needs person. The dog did not have an assigned seat. There seemed to be chaos about where this passenger and dog were supposed to sit. Eventually they were seated in the bulkhead where the dog was allowed to lay in the aisle between first class and coach. After we landed in Miami the passenger and dog just stood in the middle of the concourse like they were waiting for someone. What was going on?

Noreen wrote over 5 years ago:

I will be flying cross country with an aquatic turtle, aquatic frog, tarantula, milk snake, and gecko. Any advice?

emily wrote over 5 years ago:

delores people DO NOT HAVE TO LOOK DISABLED BY LAW OR ANY OTHER MEANS LIKE THAT I suggest you research the ada laws before you go and rain on someone trying to live they're darn life!!
Its nosey un educated people who do no research of they're own or know a thing about service animals who cause problems for us disabled people just trying to have a quality of life! Shame on you and people like you who complain and have to know evrything that is not your buisness we have to suffer trying to make it day by day to even have a normal existance while all these people are too buisy trying to bring others down and start things other than appriciate the life and abilities they have!!! come on people! seriously??? what the heck is wrong with you guys! honestly!!

Janie Christensen wrote about 5 years ago:

Perhaps the dog is a special agent. This person should have been honored by this dogs presencel and not question anything about who the dog belongs to or what it's is doing on the plane!!

Christina wrote about 5 years ago:

If I bring my small cat (approx. 7 lbs.) on the plane with me and keep her in a carrier under the seat in front of me, I understand I cannot remove her from the carrier and cannot remove the carrier from under the seat. If I were to bend down and put my hand in the carrier to pet her and calm her down a bit, do you think a flight attendant would object to that? Thanks much.

Suzanne Grundy wrote about 5 years ago:

Hi Christina, If there is ANY chance your cat could get out, then don't do it. Cats are quick (I have several) and very unpredictable when stressed and scared. If a hard carrier, carefully put your fingers through the holes... if softsided, pet the cat through the carrier. Should you cat get loose on the plane, it could get really bad. I travel with my service dog (St. Bernard) and her very first plane trip, I was glad we were between seats where she couldn't go anywhere. We were fine after that (and have flown many times since then), but only my body weight on her kept her from bolting. A kitty could scramble underneath seats and you'd have one heck of a time catching her and then calming her down. Your cat will forgive you, eventually... keep her in one piece so she can.

Amy wrote about 5 years ago:

My cat, when removed from her safety zone (AKA my apartment), is basically feral and very vicious. Is there any way to go through security without removing her from the carrier?

maia wrote about 5 years ago:

Am I aloud to bring my turtle on the plane? he is the size of a quarter. I leave tomorrow to the virgin islands but how do I get him on the plane?

cathy wrote about 5 years ago:

i have a 6lb choauaua can i take her on the plane with me if so what are the requirements

Marj wrote about 5 years ago:

we have 2 chichahaus. How do we bring them on the plane with us and which airlines allow them to fly with us?

Syreeta wrote about 5 years ago:

I am researching for the future. My mother has a mix breed Pekinese & Pom mix, which of course means she is snub-nosed.

I am looking at AA.com and it is a 150 fee per trip to do carry on dogs. If thats the case its cheaper to buy my dog a ticket round trip.

My question is, can I buy a passenger ticket for my moms dog, which seems to be cheaper? And if I do, do I still pay the 150 per trip, animal fee?

I think that is where my confusion is.

Any help is great.

Also, do vets prescribe any anti anixety meds for pets for first time travel?

Tammy Goff wrote about 5 years ago:

How much would it cost for my Boston terrier to fly to Wi from Portland Oregon with me.

Can I carry him onto the plane and put him under my seat or does he have to go int he back. He is a 28 pound, and 22 inches long-I think

Is there anything spacial I need to to do before hand.

abby wrote over 4 years ago:

first time flying. 6 # chihuahua. To West Palm Beach or Ft. Lauderdale. Which airlines is best out of Traverse City Michigan or Flint Michigan

Mrs. Smith wrote over 4 years ago:

I read yesterday that they would have you hold your pet while you got scanned in the TSA radiation machine. It was stated on the airline website that the cage you and your pet had to get scanned.

"You may be asked to remove your pet from its carrier so the carrier can be sent through the X-Ray, but NOT your pet!"

What gives? I understand they want to ensure there are no threats but I would not want to harm my pet's health.

Joanne wrote over 4 years ago:

If we drug our cat for a flight on SW will we have to take her out of the carrier for security?

Linda giordano wrote about 4 years ago:

I am confused.
CAn I bring my westie on the plane.? .

Carmelo wrote over 2 years ago:

Dogs/cat owners should be able to ride together on the plane cabin I don't see anything wrong with that, It should be a separate area for them,We cant discriminate against animals they have feeling like we do, anyone against it, Is because don't love animals , that is call selfish.

Jan wrote over 2 years ago:

Dos any one know if I can fly my pet dog only small white west highland terrier, in a carrier under the seat from Birmingham to Spain
(A rough cost) and which air lines. Please?

Elena wrote about 2 years ago:

es verdad que pueden trasladar un perro desde CamerĂșn a Ecuador sin problemas

Steve wrote almost 1 year ago:

Looking for Diane DelGrosso, who I believe wrote the piece about moving to Mexico. Steve 212-949-6555

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