Dogs On A Plane!

Dogs on a plane!

A wonderful picture taken by Roman Fleysher. Your dogs won't get this kind of service unless you charter your own plane, but there are lots of things you can do to help make your pet's flight a comfortable one. Find out more in the Pet Travel Tips section.


Troy Ziesmer wrote about 7 years ago:

Wow. I wish I knew some people here in the minneapolis area that flew their dogs like this. Mine would love to go unrestricted where ever I go.
Especially when I leave for longer periods. I travel alot with out travel group and company and the dogs miss out on going with us alot of times.
One day though, one day.

Sara wrote about 7 years ago:

I love this picture! The dogs look like they have more leg room on that flight then I ever get :0)

Renee Boese wrote about 7 years ago:

Would love to be on that flight.

Ana Maria wrote almost 7 years ago:

me too, i wish i was on that flight. i don't travel more bc i can't bring my bichon/yorkie with...doesn't fit under the seat anymore. i saw the new perairline that allows dogs in the cabin but when you go to their website, you do not see photos of what's going on inside that plane. does anyone have any idea how this airline HONESTLY treat dogs? Baltimore, MD.

aaron wrote almost 7 years ago:

This pic is from a private chartered plane, so win the lottery and maybe your dog can fly like this too!

MaryJane Greer wrote over 6 years ago:

looking for a way to fly my overweight cat from Tampa to Albany NY. Or maybe someone traveling who would want to share expenses.

Denise wrote over 6 years ago:

I own an aircraft charter company. We have pets on 40% of our flights. Here's a link to a photo of some of our recent four-legged passengers

Don Anthony wrote about 6 years ago:

I have a 10 year old golden who I would love to take with me to Yucatan and/or Belize. I live in Indy, but if others wanted to combine and charter a plane I in. Can't afford it just myself, but could do with a group. I can live from pretty much anywhere in the Midwest.

Helen wrote almost 6 years ago:

I like Golden Retriever, but I already have 2 Shelties at home, they're cute and nice, too. I wonder if my dogs were on the plane, what would they act ...
You can look at this picture to see how Shelties look like

Mendis Lee wrote almost 6 years ago:

Lovely Picture

Jodi Brooks wrote over 5 years ago:

I am moving to Denver and have two Golden Retrievers Mother is 7 years old and daughter is 3years old. I am very concern about there travel on the plane. heard bad storys of them being in the cargo with all the engine noise. If anyone has any suggestion please feel free to email me..

Mercy wrote over 5 years ago:

I'm traveling from Austin to California. How does the charter airline company works and how much does it cost? I have a 2 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier; she's friendly, shy, and calm inside a crate. She weighs 40lbs. Email me or call me 512-436-2912 if you know the information about regulations. Thank you!

Margarita wrote about 5 years ago:

I have a one year old English bulldog and I want to take her from Miami to Puerto Rico does anyone know which airline can I look for

M Ramsy wrote about 5 years ago:

Troy- Live in MSP-Travel a lot with dog...Where do u go 6 passengers with 1 pet each= charter...same as commercial

Maggie wrote about 4 years ago:

Don Anthony. I am trying to relocate to Merida and would like to also charter a plane for my the idea to split the cost....and if we could add more...then much better!!

Lisa wrote about 4 years ago:

I am moving to Hawaii and need to fly my two dogs there next month (October 2012) and dread having to fly them in the cargo hold of a plane. I have a black lab and samoyed so they are too big to fly in the cabin. They are eligible to enter Hawaii on October 20, 2012. Is anyone interested in chartering a flight to help defray the costs? And is anyone aware of any other altenatives to getting my dogs to Hawaii? Any information and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. ...Lisa

vin wrote almost 4 years ago:

With all this interest wish we all could change the way airlines treat pets as cargo. sitting right now in a plane and looking at a dog in crate being loaded into luggage cart breaks my heart. The fear and struggle of lack our presence is cruel. We need to change the rules and as long we can pay for a ticket they should in cabin

Maria wrote almost 4 years ago:

I really really wish my dog could tea el like this!! She'll go with me everywhere=D hopefully that time comes soon=) Please God help us (dog parents) to take our babies like this.

Victoria Neff wrote about 2 years ago:

I'm writing to ask for the price about flying my dog from Dulles airport to DFW?

Direct 202-568-0851

thank you. Be safe always.

Thank you!
Victoria S. Neff
@faceliftnbottle in a bottle or @magicnbottle

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