Delta Loses Dog

While this incident won’t show up in the Pet Travel Reports for another couple of months, it has been getting a lot of attention across the web.

While vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Josiah Allen and his girlfriend found and took in a stray they named Paco.

Before leaving for home in Canada, Josiah took Paco to a local vet and had him vaccinated and treated for ticks in preparation for taking Paco back with them.

On May 3rd Josiah flew from Puerto Vallarta to Mexico City on AeroMexico, during the layover the dog was walked and then returned to his crate for the flight of Delta Air Lines to Detroit.

Paco never showed up in Detroit, MI, however. Josiah was initially told that Paco didn’t make the flight, but was being cared for. He was later told that the dog had escaped its kennel.

This is not the first time that a dog has become lost during transport, and it’s not even the first time that it seems that everything might not be as the airline stated.

In June 2006 Delta was looking into the possibility of the theft of a Yorkie on a flight to Dallas, TX.

The Consumerist was the first to report this story.


Danielle wrote over 6 years ago:

this is disgusting i have a pedigree great dane who i hold very dear to me and i am going to be traveling soon and i am defiantly taking him with me as i don't trust anyone in my current location to care for him... i would kick up the hugest fuss if they 'misplaced' my dog... absolutely ridiculous sane thing happened to my luggage and even after it was returned to me the website claimed it had not yet been located! irresponsible and careless people if you ask me!

Lorenzo Kimber wrote over 6 years ago:

This is horrible. I'm deployed and my wife is traveling with my Dog. My dog is a huge part of my life, we consider him our son. It is scary to think of an airline loosing my him. The carelessness of some people is ridiculous. There is not an excuse for this type of irresponsible behavior. Which airline is the best one to fly pets? I am definitely not going to choose Delta!!!

Danielle wrote over 6 years ago:

I would probably murder someone if my dog went missing. She's practically my best friend =P

Patricia wrote over 6 years ago:

This is terrible, I'm leaving for Baton Rouge to pick up my yorkie. I'm afraid after all the articles I've read. I'm suppose to carry him on the plane but now I'm hearing about passengers getting to airport with confirmation and still not being allowed to take pets on board with out big hassle

Alexandra wrote over 6 years ago:

Ohhh never with Delta!!
I'm moving to Vancouver soon, which airline is the best to carry my dear doggie with me then???
I would die if she gets lost!! buaaa!!!
Patricia, I know Yorkies are allowed to fly with us inside teh "humans" part, since they are so little, check it out!

Tara wrote about 6 years ago:

I flew with Delta a few years ago and was on my way to Maryland flying from Minnesota. When I arrived in Baltimore I immediately ran to pick up my two dogs and came to find that they didn't arrive in Maryland with me! They looked up the location of my dogs and had sent them to New York! I screamed at them and cried demanding I get my dogs back or I'd sue! They assured me my dogs would be sent to me and would be taken care of in the mean time. Around midnight that night my dogs did finally make it back to me and I was so relieved, but I'll never fly with Delta again!

Dilly wrote almost 6 years ago:

Oh my gosh if my dog got lost i would be SOOOOOO upset because my dog means everything to me and for something to happen to it because of someone's mistake... ID BE SO MAD

Vanessa edwins wrote almost 6 years ago:

I have flown numerous puppies..but ALWAYS from Frankfurt..I now live in Ireland and still only from Frankfurt...Petair..just do the handling..3hrs before the flight..great people, understand dogs and their worried owner/breeders...Only ever fly Lufthansa with the dog and ALWAYS direct flight !!!!! Never a problem..and constant contact..insured that if the pup is not picked up then its returned on a LH flight !!

Deb wrote over 5 years ago:

Is it just me, or does it seem like Delta really has the lion's share of issues when it comes to pet transport? I was looking at the stats for 2010 and Delta had a total of 16 deaths which was way more than any other airline.

I'm getting ready to move from PA to CA with my Toy Australian Shepherd. She is my best friend in the world, and since I'm single and moving to a new city alone, having her with me is even more important.

I was originally thinking it would maybe be less stressful for her to be in cargo, but now I'm second guessing this decision and think maybe I should try and take her in-cabin. She's never flown before, and is pushing the size limit of 20 lbs. I just don't know how well she'll do stuffed under a seat for 6+ hrs...

Does anyone have any thoughts?? We'll be moving in June on Continental.

Vincent Riggio wrote over 5 years ago:

Delta lost our dog twice in one year. Both times to flights from ATL to Denver. Never, Never use them for pet travel. The worst is they lost him for 7 hours without letting a 96 pound tall lab out of his crate. Cruel!

Steffi wrote over 5 years ago:

We want to take our dog to Germany. We live in Atlanta, but reading all this I don't think I can fly with Delta. But there is no Lufthansa flight leaving from ATL. Any suggestions on airlines and pettravel to Germany? I would rather take a cruise, but you need to plan your trip at least 8 months in advance because of all the paperwork reqiured for the Uk. It is for sure not easy to travel abroad with your dog and I would never forgive myself if something would happen to my puppy.

adrianne wrote over 5 years ago:

i am sending my rottwieler/ labrador ahead to the philippines while i close house to move back there he is petrified and will not get into the kennel. i have tried everything and the only resort left is having him sedated according to the vet so he doesnt freak out and bite somebody. He is flying on a cargo plane with asiana. Does anyone have any tips please i am open to any ideas i am a nervous wreck, this dog is my baby and i would never forgive myself if something happens to him

katie wrote about 5 years ago:

What is sad is that I am a military spouse. The government contracts with Delta so when we get orders to move my babies have no choice, but to suffer this horrid airline. Any suggestions?

Susan wrote almost 5 years ago:

Delta lost my dog. We never would have found her if a sweet security dog hadn't picked her up off the tarmac. Delta spent a solid hour telling me they had no dog even on the flight...then an hour later (just as the plane was taking off), "Oh oops, there WAS a dog...oh, you mean this bloodied dog the security guard has is it?" My dog was so badly hurt, she couldn't fly. I won't ever fly Delta again.

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