PetsJets is a unique service that provides a personal escort for pets small enough to be carried on the plane.

Craig D. Anapol started the company PetsJets, because of his love of animals and awareness of the need for such a service. PetsJets provides a way for people to safely transport their pets, small enough to be carried onboard, and know they'll have a personal escort with them every second of the trip.

The process of sending your pet the PetsJets is simple. The client contacts Craig, and he finds out where the pet needs to travel from/to, the date of the trip and if it is one way or roundtrip. He then searches for the best routing and fare and advises the client. The client pays for Craig's ticket, the airline service charge for carrying a pet onboard (usually $100 - $150 but varies by airline) and PetsJets service fee which is $85/hour for domestic & $95/hour for international travel.

PetsJets' service can take a dog or cat to/from any location & any day or time. There are several scenarios where it's ideal:

  1. Instead of a puppy or kitten being shipped via air freight, PetsJets service is a great alternative.
  2. Instead of or a dog or cat enduring a long car drive (for example when people relocate) PetsJets is a solution.
  3. It's a way to circumvent when airlines have seasonal weather embargoes ( i.e. AZ in summer, AK in winter).
  4. The service is ideal for people who have secondary homes.

More information can be found at PetsJet's Home Page.


madhvi wrote about 4 years ago:

Excellent idea best wishes .!!

jill polito wrote about 4 years ago:

Craig is the best. We fell in love with the most adorable toy fox terrier. Unfortunately the breeder is located in Texas and we live in New Hampshire. We were not willing to miss this opportunity of dealing with a great breeder and adorable new addition to our family. Desperate to find the safest way for our "Gidget" to travel we happened upon a website called Petsjets. Craig Anapol helped us through the process of accompanying our little one in cabin. He even found the most economic flight. We only had to pay oneway and he even made all the arrangements with the breeder. He met us at Logan Boston with a happy and healthy Gidget in his arms. It's very obvious that he loves what he does and we highly recommend him to anyone who wants the best possible care for a 4legged loved one.

Marli Baker & Harry Tull wrote over 2 years ago:

How do I contact Craig to see about using his service and find out how much it would cost. We are not breeders, but a small hobby breeder. We raise (adult) 1 male and 1 female Alaskan Malamutes and have a litter that we are interested in using PetJets service to fly 1of our male puppies for sure from Missouri to go to his new forever home in Oregon. We already included our email address above or you can call us directly at 417-253-3026.

Marli & Harry

vicki wrote almost 2 years ago:

need to take my dog from Madrid, Spain to South America.

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