March 2010 Airline Pet Travel Report

The March, 2010 Airline Pet Travel Report contains pet incidents for the month of January, 2010.

Alaska Airlines reports the death of an English Bulldog on a flight from Juneau, AK to Seattle, WA. The bulldog was fond not to be breathing upon arrival in Seattle by ramp personal. The owner stated that the dog was given some medication prior to the flight, but did not provide further information. No further details were available.

SkyWest reports the injury of a 6 month-old Golden Retriever, or more precisely the damage of the kennel. The puppy was taken to a vet and was not found to have any injuries, but was prescribe anti-anxiety medication. SkyWest did indicate that loading / unloading procedures were reviewed with the gate agents.

Pet Travel Incidents by Airline during January, 2010.
Alaska Airlines 001
SkyWest 010
Total 0 1 1

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jerry mishler wrote over 6 years ago:

After over 40 yrs in the pet shipping
business, I have NOT found a non-pet
friendly airline. Sometimes non-friendly persons working for the airlines! Some pet shippers refer to
pet friendly airlines as they get kick-
backs for recommending some airlines.
With nearly 15,000 pets flying every
month domestically, there are certainly
VERY few incidents......
Brachycephalic breeds present the biggest risk factor. Also, pre-existing
health issues. Also, poor kennel
construction and failure to use cable
Jerry Mishler, Action Pet Express

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Source: March 2010 Air Travel Consumer Report.

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