April 2011 Airline Pet Travel Report

The April, 2011 Airline Pet Travel Report contains pet incidents for the month of February, 2011.

Delta reports the death of two dogs in February.

On February 14th, a young English Bulldog traveled from Columbus, GA to Frankfurt, Germany. Upon arrival in Frankfort the dog was barely breathing and died immediately after being unloaded. Temperatures during loading and unloading, as well as in the place we around 65F. The German state veterinarian lab summarized that due to the characteristic features of this specific bulldog breed probably the stress experienced while traveling was the main reason the dog suffered from cardiovascular problems and did not survive. In addition the bulldog exceeded airline age and weight restrictions. Delta states that the Columbus GA acceptance agents have been cautioned to ensure compliance with restrictions both orally and in writing.

On February 16th, a three year-old Labrador Retriever died after arrival in Singapore. At this time a cause of death has not been released by the Singapore Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority.

Pet Travel Incidents by Airline during February, 2011.
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Belinda McClory wrote over 5 years ago:

Please read and share the story of our beloved Kransky, a happy, healthy 6 year old French Bulldog who died a torturous death whilst in transit at Sydney Airport. Jon and I continue to agitate for change in the animal transport laws in Australia.
Thank you and kind regards,
Belinda McClory and Jon Hewitt



Beth wrote over 5 years ago:

Just signed the petition on Kransky's blog. So so so terribly sorry for your loss of Kransky.

Jessy wrote over 5 years ago:

Im thinking of flying with my dog from virginia to california in early may. any tips on whether or not i should do it. Im VERY worried for him being that he is so attached to me. Any tips?

Mary wrote over 5 years ago:

I am moving from Vancouver, Canada to France next October and am planning to take my 12 year old mixed breed medium-sized dog with me. Any tips on which airlines are better suited for pet travel?

Brimstone wrote over 5 years ago:

Hi. This is the 21st century. Look around you. The world, particularly the western half of it, is now highly urbanized. There is no good reason whatever to have a dog larger than can fly accompanied in-cabin if you live in an urbanized area. These large dogs cause many,many problems in urbanized areas. They do not belong in the city or in town or on an airplane. If you have need of a REAL large working dog (and that is exceptional indeed) then either you are handicapped, or a government professional, or you have a large piece of land. Facilities are made on airplanes for in-cabin flying of professional, large REAL working dogs. Otherwise your large dog needs to stay on the large piece of land you have, where it will be safest and happiest. And no, it won't miss you all that much while you're away.

BTW, if you're in the U.S. military as it appears the owner of the above mentioned bulldog was, you should know better than to have a pet at all as you WILL be moving household frequently. If you MUST have a pet (and I don't know anyone who does) the pet should be small, discreet and airplane cabin transportable.

Airlines exist primarily to move people and they have a tough enough time doing that. Stop overburdening them with selfish demands to accommodate your unnecessary pet.

AnimalLover wrote over 5 years ago:

Just like your name, BRIMSTONE, you are cold and heartless. I for one am in the military and I have plenty of room in my life for my dogs! They are happy and healthy and love me very much! I have already sacraficed my life to protect my country while people like you just sit down and critize! You cannot honestly say that what you do is so much more important than what I do that you must take away even more of the minimal rights I am already afforded! People who are locked up in jail for doing bad things get more rights than those in the military!

I very much do NOT appreciate your insensitivity and you really need to rethink your priorities in life and who you say things to and HOW you say them. You are rude and cold, if you want to talk to someone who is serving than go right ahead and message back becuase what you said just is NOT right! Trying to take more rights?!?!

Vika wrote over 5 years ago:


I'm not quite sure why you frequent this site as you are obviously not fond of pets (pet lovers would not make such comments) or of airline travel. I do appreciate you desire to incite anger, but perhaps you should find a more appropriate website for such antagonistic behavior.

sandra wrote over 5 years ago:

Brimstone. Your an ass!!!! I would much rather have barking dogs and crying babies next to me on an airplane then to sit next to someone like you! Go back to the hole you crawled out of!

Laura wrote over 5 years ago:

I agree with Sandra and vika and animal lover, Brimstone you are heartless

George wrote over 5 years ago:


Thanks so much for telling me how to live my life. I never realized you alone have all the correct answers.

In short, you should die in a fire. Hopefully it's self inflicted from lighting your crack pipe.

Ambassador wrote over 5 years ago:

Brimstone is an internet troll and is indeed here to incite anger and hostility. Just ignore him/her.

Darcey Moyer wrote over 5 years ago:

If you are not moving, as a vtereinary technician, I would recommend Against traveling with your pet. Some animals handle it just fine, but it's unnecessary stress and risk. I have traveled with my three cats from the US to Cairo Egypt 3 times now (moving with the Army). I flew Lufthansas and they have been great. When we were evac'd, my husband had a cancelled flight and had to stay in Frankfurt overnight till the next flight. Lufthansa put him in a hotel and brought the ctas to an area where they took care of them, fed/watered them, let them go to the bathroom etc. We had also had our 4 month old kitten in a carrier with another cat(because we didn't have enough carriers when we got evac'd) and they GAVE us a soft-side carrier and let him ride with my husband in coach without charging extra. When the cats water leaked, and soaked the absorbent material, they changed it and let us know.

joesgirl wrote over 5 years ago:

Uh Brimstone, youre an idiot and it would seem you dont have the capacity to have much of a relationship with anyone hearing the way you go about chastising those who hold animals in some regard.
And you DONT need a large piece of land to own large dogs, ever heard of exercising daily? My two Large breeds run hard EVERY day, even in the rain. They are happy and healthy and I live in suburbia.

Go back to drowning yourself in your miserable shallow existence. You obviously havnt taken care of your emotional health, nevermind that of anyone or anything else, to be giving advice on the subject.

humanvalidator wrote over 5 years ago:

It's amazing to watch egotistic idiots who think that their own warm and fuzzy feelings about having a pet are a better indicator of "not-cold-heartedness" than a position that really takes into consideration the interests of animals. Which are - not to be kept in conditions that are not suitable for them.

Brimstone's post was absolutely rational and not at all rude, and s/he is the only person here who deserves to be called an "animal lover". Others here are lovers of themselves who do not give a heck about their pets.

The truth is, keeping a pet is an immense responsibility, and a person who is not sure that s/he can provide good living conditions for the pet should not adopt an animal. By this, this person will show her/his actual love for animals.

If you want to move and you have a pet, find a person who can adopt it, plan for times when the future adopter can spend time with your pet so that it can become used to the person and not be that stressed when it is left with a stranger.

But those who blame airlines or anyone else for how their pet was scared because of being left alone in a room full of bags, then moved in an unknown direction with little viewing options, with metal things clanking all around them, then being closed in a compartment where they then hear an intensive howl of the plane starting etc. - WITH NOWHERE TO RUN, being closed in a box, - those people are heartless chunks of meat with no brains, and shouldn't be allowed to breed.

humanvalidator wrote over 5 years ago:

And yes, I'm fully aware of what kind of language I'm using (oh, these cute little nobrainies who accuse of rudeness someone who hasn't used a single rude word), and it's totally premeditated.

I'm just disappointed in advance that my post (however one may regard it as trolling) will not cause that much agitation in these commenters that they have a heart attack - like their pets do when their loving masters put them in a cage and send them off into a scary environment.

Barb wrote over 5 years ago:

I just want to warn pet owners not to apply products like Frontline on your pets, especially if your dog or cat will be flying in cargo. I wasn't aware of the side effects 'til I put it on my own dogs. Frontline causes the dogs to overheat, it's almost like they were being boiled from the inside. All three of my dogs were and are still, very hot the touch. Frontline is a neurotoxin, toxic to the brain. I wish I had read up on this dangerous product that shouldn't be sold. I wonder how many of the dogs that die on flights have had Frontline applied on them.

rd wrote over 5 years ago:

I have a 2 pound service dog. I do not look forward to any possible flights, I live with my military son & his family who are my caregivers! I will take my dog with me when the time comes to transfer...have 3 times in the past 2 years already. The biggest concern for me is the ability to give her the resistance to virus' and bugs that are in the new regions. Today I helped a family - Soldier, wife and 6 kids who arrived at the AA counter and told to "dispense" of the dogs as the temperature was too hot on the tarmac for them to accept live cargo. Now, I understand the reason, but why weren't they given an option? I spent 5 hours today and finally got the SATO travel office to book a 5am flight out of Dallas to Chicago onto Germany on LUFTHANSA who welcomes them and their two little four legged family members (and has processes in place to care for them on extended itineraries). Pet owners have less stress in life and kids grow up with better empathy. Don't live without them, just educate how to pick them and keep them safe!

Hokulea wrote over 5 years ago:

I hope brimstone and humanvalidator both fall off of a very tall building into a bin full of scrap iron and used hotel mattresses.

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Source: April 2011 Air Travel Consumer Report.

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