January 2010 Airline Pet Travel Report

The January, 2010 Airline Pet Travel Report contains pet incidents for the month of November, 2009.

Alaska Airlines reports the injury of a dog on a flight from Phoenix, AZ to Seattle, WA. The dog injured its mouth trying to escape from its kennel during the flight.

American Airlines reports the death of a 4 year-old Pit Bull terrier named Buddy. Buddy was accepted in Fort Lauderdale, FL for a flight to Chicago, IL. American states that the dog was received in good health, but appeared sedated when he was loaded on the flight. Buddy was found deceased in Chicago. A veterinarian indicated there was no obvious cause of death.

American also reported the death of a puppy upon arrival in Dallas, TX from Tulsa, OK. American reports that there were other pets on the flight, but the puppy was the only one that had problems. At the time of the report no additional information was a available.

United Airlines reports the death of a dog named Buddy on a flight from Lihue, HI to Los Angeles, CA. The owners reported that buddy had pre-existing medical conditions and had been ill. Results of the necropsy were not available at the time of the report.

Pet Travel Incidents by Airline during November, 2009.
Alaska Airlines 010
American Airlines 002
United Airlines 001
Total 0 1 3

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Constance Nothe wrote over 6 years ago:

This is very sad when a death or injury occurs in flying your pet. It is so important to have updated medical records beforehand, and the airlines should take special note on understanding the medical records of their pet passengers, particularly if there were existing medical conditions. See www.Petsafetyblog.com for other articles on pet safety.

C. Thomas wrote over 6 years ago:

Airlines must start working on allowing pets to fly in the passenger cabins in carriers. The owners must buy a ticket for their pet as they would for themselves. Airlines just need to put a maximum weight say 40 lbs for a pet to fly on a flight seat. Airlines must learn that more so then ever dogs and cats or a part of the family.

Michael A wrote over 6 years ago:

Perhaps people need to write to the airlines or start a petition. If you paid the same fare for a small or midsize pet (up to 40-50 lbs) the airline would actually save money on those seats. Weight = fuel usage and a 40 pound dog costs less to move a given distance than a 200 pound person.

I think the first airline that does this will be banking some serious bucks! In addition, pets don't bring big, heavy suitcases either!!!

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Source: January 2010 Air Travel Consumer Report.

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