10 Days Before Your Flight

Your pet should be completely comfortable with its kennel or carrier that it will be traveling in. Trying to escape from a kennel is another common cause of pet injury during transport by plane.

Make sure you pet has a health certificate from your veterinarian not more than 10 days in advance of your trip.

Most airlines and veterinarians don’t recommend tranquilizers for your pet when you fly. Tranquilizers can adversely affect your pets breathing and ability to regulate body temperature. Be sure to discuss tranquilizers with your vet before deciding to go this route.

Call the airline a few days before your scheduled departure to make sure you have everything in order and there are no scheduling or other changes that may adversely affect your pet’s travel.

Make sure you have all required paperwork and documentation in order.

Make sure that your pet’s tags are current and that you have current contact information on file with your vet or microchip vendor.

Take a picture of your pet and tape one copy to the kennel, and keep one with you should your pet become lost.

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