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The great people at FareCompare recently asked PetFlight to write a guest post for the FareCompare Deal Blog.

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Reconfirming Flight Reservations for Pets

I'm a former travel agent, so I know the value of reconfirming reservations. For 8 years now, I've traveled with my 11 lbs. dog as an in-cabin pet between Central America, where I currently live, and the USA.

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Emergency Vet Clinic Search

Do you know where the closest emergency veterinary hospital is? How fast could you find the information? What if you were on the road or traveling by airplane?

PetFlight has recently added an Emergency Veterinary Clinic Search to make it easy to find this information. This includes the information for almost 700 emergency vet clinics and hospitals in the United States and it is very easy to find the closest one.

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Importing Pets to the United States

Generally, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regulates the importation of pets into the United States. The Department of Agriculture has additional restrictions on some types of dogs imported to work livestock. The CDC does not require general health certificates, though they are required by some airlines and some states. Pets taken out of the United States are subject to the same regulations as those entering for the first time. Pet dogs and cats are subject to inspection on arrival for evidence of zoonotic disease (a disease that can be transmitted to humans). If they show evidence of a disease that may be transmissible to humans, they are subject to veterinary medical...

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What does enhanced security mean for my pet?

The Transportation Security Administration reports that there are no security procedures that prohibit you from bringing a pet on a flight.

If you are taking your pet in the cabin, you will have to...

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The day of the Flight

Exercise your pet before the flight so it will be more relaxed and tired this will help it to remain calm in the kennel.

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10 Days Before Your Flight

Your pet should be completely comfortable with its kennel or carrier that it will be traveling in. Trying to escape from a kennel is another common cause of pet injury during transport by plane.

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As you plan for your flight with your pet

Choose the most direct flight to your destination. This will help reduce the stress on your pet.

If warm temperatures are a concern, book an early morning, evening, or overnight flight when the temperatures are cooler. If cold weather is an issue, book your flight for the middle of the day.

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PetFlight Incident Map

Airport Pet Travel Incident Map
Map of all airports that have reported an air travel, pet related incident.

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