Emergency Vet Clinic Search

Do you know where the closest emergency veterinary hospital is? How fast could you find the information? What if you were on the road or traveling by airplane?

PetFlight has recently added an Emergency Veterinary Clinic Search to make it easy to find this information. This includes the information for almost 700 emergency vet clinics and hospitals in the United States and it is very easy to find the closest one.

When you enter a zip code or chose an airport from the list we find the three closest clinics. We look up to 150 miles away to make sure that we return you a result. You can also select a specific clinic for more information as well as a detailed map.

I recommend that you enter your zip code and print off a list for the fridge. And be sure to print off a list for when you travel, your pet will thank you.

Click here to search for a vet clinic near you.

Whippet with a vet

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