2010 Airline Pet Travel Summary

The number of pet related airline incidents climbed in 2010. Ten airlines reported incidents that included 39 pet deaths, 12 injuries, and 5 lost pets. With a total of 56 incidents being reported in 2010 compared to the 32 incidents reported in 2009.

Almost 70% of the deaths involved brachycephalic or short-nosed dogs, with Bulldogs and Pugs making up the majority of the dog types. In most of these cases there was no obvious cause of death.

The biggest step travelers can take to help ensure their pet arrives safely is to makes sure the kennel is solid and to secure the doors and frame with zip ties. Several of the deaths in 2010 happened after pets escaped their kennels and were later hit by cars.

A summary of all the pet incidents in 2010 can be found here.

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