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Airline: Delta
Incident Date: Jul 28, 2007
Report Date: September 2007
Incident Type: Death
Animal: Cat
Brachycephalic: No Definition
Animal Age: 8 years
Flight Number: 1877/28
Originating Airport: MIA (Miami Intl)
Destination Airport: GSP (Greenville Spartanburg Intl -)
Reporting Airport: MIA (Miami Intl)


Carrier Delta Air Lines

Flight Number Flight # DL1877/28 MIA-GSP

Date and Time of Incident July 28, 2007 – approximately 0500 August 6, 2007 – approximately 1730

Type of Incident Escaped / Death

Description of Animal Breed: Domestic short-haired feline
Age: 8 years

Description of the Incident Cat accepted in an IATA approved container as a cargo shipment in MIA on July 28, 2007 @ 0417, planned routing MIA-ATL-GSP. Agent arrived gate with cat @ 0445/28. The agent confirmed the cat was still in container and ok before departing gate. At 0505 ramp agent came out to load the aircraft and noticed the cat was not in the kennel. On August 6, 2007 around 5:00 pm Delta Operations received a phone call regarding the status of lost cat. The call made by MDAD stated they had noticed a cat sitting on top of the fence around the perimeter of the airport. MDAD wildlife management, Delta Operations supervisor, MDAD Ramp Security officer all attempted to capture the distressed cat from the outside of the fence to prevent the cat from running into Perimeter Road. The cat became agitated and lunged towards the outside officer, running down the fence line and across the ground. The cat ran across Perimeter Road and in front of an oncoming car, was struck by the car and continued across the roadway into the grass on the other side. Involved personnel drove outside the airport to where the cat was lying in the grass. The cat was not breathing and Wildlife Management officer declared the cat was deceased.

Cause of the Incident Cause unknown, still investigating

Corrective Action Taken Station manager conducted a training session with each employee to review the importance of assuring all kennel/container doors are shut, locked and secured with cable release ties.

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