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Airline: Alaska Airlines
Incident Date: Aug 27, 2007
Report Date: October 2007
Incident Type: Death
Animal: Cat
Brachycephalic: No Definition
Animal Age: Not reported
Flight Number: 148
Originating Airport: ANC (Ted Stevens Anchorage Intl)
Destination Airport: SEA (Seattle-Tacoma Intl)
Reporting Airport: SEA (Seattle-Tacoma Intl)


Carrier: Alaska Airlines Flight: 148 (ANC/SEA) Date of incident: Monday, August 27, 2007 Time of incident: Approximately 10:00 P.M. (PT)

Description of animal (including name): Cat, unknown age/name

Narrative description of incident: (Pet passing during flight) The Horizon Air transfer agent noticed that the cat was not moving, at the Horizon connection flight point, the cat was not breathing and was found to be stiff. It appears that the cat had passed away some time during the flight. Seattle Manager on duty and Horizon Air Manager informed the passenger of her cat’s passing at the Horizon Aircraft. The passenger did not seem to be overly shocked by news, although she certainly was distraught and began to cry. She told us it was not our fault. She continued onto Eugene, OR with her deceased cat. She was given the number to Customer Relations. I spoke with the ANC Customer Service Agent who checked in the cat and she stated that the cat seemed to be doing fine during the check in process in ANC and was "meowing". The kennel was loaded properly in cargo pit one and there was no cargo in the forward compartment. According to the load message, there were only 3 other bags loaded in pit one with the cat. All information gathered points to a natural cause of death.

Narrative description of the cause of the incident: Cat passed away during the flight to Seattle, apparently from natural causes.

Narrative description of any corrective action taken in response to the incident: No action required.

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