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Airline: Continental
Incident Date: Aug 07, 2007
Report Date: October 2007
Incident Type: Death
Animal: Dog
Brachycephalic: No Definition
Animal Age: 2 years
Flight Number: 9554
Originating Airport: IAH (George Bush Intercontinental/Houston)
Destination Airport: ABI (Abilene Regional)
Reporting Airport: ABI (Abilene Regional)


CO Flight # 9554 Houston-Abilene Dog - American Staffordshire Terrier / 2 yrs old August 13, 2007 Female / Name: Unknown

Narrative Description: Description of the Incident: The dog was placed on the aircraft in Houston and was found deceased upon arrival in Abilene approximately 1hr 15minutes later.

Description of the Cause of the Incident: This animal was “in season” and was being shipped for breeding purposes. She spent the night in Houston and was placed on the aircraft a few minutes prior to departure. The flight left the gate in Houston at 2:52pm and departed the airport at 3:02pm. Upon arrival into Abilene at 4:17pm, the animal was deceased in its crate.

The necropsy report stated that the animal had overheated, and the Veterinarian performing the necropsy stated that she was obviously sensitive to heat, and felt that hormonal changes due to her being ‘in season’ could’ve also contributed to her sensitivity.

Description of any corrective action taken: None as all procedures were properly followed

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