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Airline: Hawaiian Air
Incident Date: Oct 30, 2007
Report Date: January 2008
Incident Type: Injury
Animal: Dog
Brachycephalic: No Definition
Animal Age: Not reported
Flight Number: HA 336
Originating Airport: HNL (Honolulu Intl)
Destination Airport: OGG (Kahului)
Reporting Airport: HNL (Honolulu Intl)


Date: 30Oct07 Time: 2:45 p.m. Reporting Station: HNL Flight: HA 336 From: HNL To: OGG

Animal Information: Name: unknown Description: puppy


Honolulu manager received a call over the radio by to come to gate 57 (HA336) to look at a dog. Chief advised he had heard over the air to ground radio in that a passenger saw his dog kennel fall off the back end of the beltloader.

Upon arrival to the gate, Chief confirmed that the kennel had fallen off the beltloader. As the employee attempted to stop the belt, he accidentally put it in reverse. Passenger reported to Captain that he saw the kennel fall and reported it to the flight crew.

There was visible bleeding from the left ear. Puppy had its ears snipped and there were stitches running the length of both ears. Around its neck was one of those cone contraptions that prevent the animal from scratching. They took the puppy to the jetway to have the owner examine the animal.

The passenger initially didn’t want to come off the aircraft to inspect the animal. However, the crew wanted the owner to make the decision whether or not the animal was fit for travel.

The passenger took the animal out of the kennel and inspected the ear. Passenger saw the ear bleeding but decided the puppy was fit to travel.

Manager gave the passenger several options:

a) Get rebooked for a later flight b) Rebook for the following day to take the animal to a vet and have them check the animal

Passenger advised that the puppy belonged to his father and was brought to Honolulu for the ear clipping procedure. He said that it was normal for the ears to bleed and opted to stay on the flight.

Cause: Puppy just had ears clipped and the fall off the beltloader may have aggravated his ear.

Corrective action: Employee will be counseled about operation of beltloader.

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