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Airline: Midwest Airlines
Incident Date: Jun 11, 2005
Report Date: August 2005
Incident Type: Death
Animal: Dog
Brachycephalic: Yes Definition
Animal Age: Not reported
Flight Number: 831
Originating Airport: PHX (Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl)
Destination Airport: MKE (General Mitchell International)
Reporting Airport: MKE (General Mitchell International)


On June 11, 2005 Midwest Airlines flight 831 arrived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from Phoenix, Arizona. Upon arrival the cargo hold door was opened and agents unloading the aircraft observed in one of the four kennels on board a dog that was motionless. The dog was taken to the Baggage Service Office and the owner was paged. When the owner arrived at the Baggage Service Office she was advised of the situation. A Milwaukee County Sheriff Deputy transported the owner and animal to a local veterinary emergency clinic where the dog was declared deceased.

Cause of Incident: The cause of death is unknown. Prior to departure the owner applied a homeopathic spray to the animal, which, according to the owner, was designed to relax the dog. The owner had also placed a liquid-filled cushion in the kennel intended to regulate the animal’s body temperature. The flight incurred a 3-hour departure delay, during which all animals traveling on the flight were kept in an air-conditioned room and offered water. Animals were loaded on the aircraft 15 minutes prior to departure. The other 3 animals on the flight arrived in good condition.

Corrective Actions: Revised procedures for the acceptance of snub-nosed animals, including more restrictive temperature guidelines.

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