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Airline: Delta
Incident Date: Jun 26, 2012
Report Date: August 2012
Incident Type: Death
Animal: Cat
Brachycephalic: No Definition
Animal Age: Not reported
Flight Number: 96
Originating Airport: RDU (Raleigh-Durham Intl)
Destination Airport: NRT (Narita International Airport (Tokyo Narita))
Reporting Airport: ATL (Hartsfield - Jackson Atlanta Intl)


Live Animal Incident Report (Redacted) Cargo Incident Report Type: Death Date of Incident: June 26, 2012 Location: Atlanta, GA Routing: Raleigh Durham, NC (RDU) – Atlanta, GA (ATL) – Narita, JP (NRT) – Flight 1137 AWB: 006-01864903 Description of Animal: 8 yr old short hair female cat, named “Baby” Description of Incident: Baby, along with two other family pets were accepted by our handlers in Raleigh Durham, North Carolina on June 26, 2012. All documents were reviewed and processed in accordance with Delta’s live animal handling procedures.

All three animals (2 cats and 1 dog) were flown from RDU to ATL on DL1137. The flight departed as scheduled and arrived into the ATL area on-time. The weather reports for RDU and ATL, respectively was approximately 70ºF at departure and 71ºF on arrival into ATL.

During the acceptance process in RDU the handlers noted all the animals looked fine as they were placed in the live animal holding area. On arrival in ATL, the ramp crew removed the animals from the aircraft’s holding bin and delivered all three to the warehouse. Baby and her companions were scheduled to overnight in ATL before boarding their next flight to NRT the following day. When the representative from the overnight kennel arrived at our facility, agents noticed Baby was motionless inside her crate. Baby was, in turn, delivered to the local veterinarian for further evaluations.

It is unlikely the cause of death is related to handling by Delta Cargo since the remaining family pets, Brandy and Rize, arrived into ATL and NRT without incident. Cause of Incident: Unknown; the owners declined a necropsy but commented to our agents that Baby was diabetic. Corrective Action Taken: None Warranted

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