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Airline: Shuttle America
Incident Date: Jun 24, 2006
Report Date: August 2006
Incident Type: Loss
Animal: Cat
Brachycephalic: No Definition
Animal Age: Not reported
Flight Number: UA 7546
Originating Airport: ROC (Greater Rochester International)
Destination Airport: IAD (Washington Dulles International)
Reporting Airport: ROC (Greater Rochester International)


Animal Incident Report to the US Department of Transportation Pursuant to 14 CFR 234.13 Reporting Period June 1, 2006 - June 30, 2006


Flight Number: UA 7546

Date of Incident: 6/24/2006

Time of Incident: 10:00 AM EST

Description of Animal: CAT Breed: GREY & WHITE Name: CHILI

Identification of the owner(s) and/or guardian: REDACTED

Description of the incident:

Chili was traveling from Rochester, NY to Washington, Dulles International Airport. He was checked in for the flight in a plastic approved kennel at the ticket counter in Rochester. After being taken to the aircraft on a baggage cart, with curtains closed, the cat escaped through a top door in the kennel. The cat was observed running across the ramp, but was unable to be located. Local authorities in Rochester will continue to look for the animal, and if discovered will notify the owner.

Description of the cause of the incident:

During the investigation it was noted that the top door of the kennel was forced open from the inside.

Description of Correct Action taken in response to the incident:

No Corrective Action taken : All carrier procedures were followed.

Reported By: REDACTED

PetFlight Report:
August 2006 Airline Pet Travel Report
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