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Airline: Atlantic Southeast Airlines
Incident Date: Oct 13, 2006
Report Date: December 2006
Incident Type: Death
Animal: Dog
Brachycephalic: No Definition
Animal Age: 2 months
Flight Number: 4288
Originating Airport: DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth International)
Destination Airport: BOI (Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Fld)
Reporting Airport: BOI (Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Fld)


Date and Time of Incident: October 13, 2006 Reporting Station: Boise, ID Flight / Aircraft Type and Ship # 4288 CRJ A/C 730

Bag Tag, AWB Number & Routing: 006 DFW 0448 1820 Type of Incident: (Circle one, if other provide details) Death X Injury Escape Loss Other


Incident Location: (Circle one, if other provide details) Aircraft X Ramp Bag Room Cargo Other


Container Type: (Circle one, if other provide details) Plastic X Wood Cardboard Aluminum Other


Animal Type: (Circle one, if other provide details) Dog X Cat Bird Reptile Other

Details: 8 week old female Peek a Poo

Name/Address/Phone of Owner(s) and/or Guardian of AVI (Provide complete contact information) Shipper: Redacted Consignee: Redacted

Narrative Description of Incident: BOI Agent Kevin Burrell offloaded puppy upon arrival into BOI and noticed puppy not breathing. Flight arrived early so Consignee was not present. After contacting the Consignee and with their permission puppy was taken to the Animal Emergency Clinic for evaluation and Necropsy.

Narrative description of any corrective action to be taken in response to the incident: Necropsy report and subsequent consultation indicates puppy died due to Alveolar Histolytic Inflammation (Respitory distress) that was pre-existing about 72 hours prior to shipment compounded by Dystrophic Mineralization (large amounts of minerals) causing hardening of the tissues possibly due to over-supplementation.

If deceased, did passenger/shipper give permission to perform necropsy: Yes X No Statements Taken: Yes X No

Pictures Taken: Yes No X

Passenger/Shipper Contacted: (Record all contacts on Contact Log)

                                     Yes    X                 No    Report Submitted:                             Yes     X                No       

Customer Care advised: Yes X No
Reportable to DOT: Yes X No
Copy of AWB / PNR attached Yes No

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