October 2014 Airline Pet Travel Report

The October, 2014 Airline Pet Travel Report contains pet incidents for the month of August, 2014.

Alaska Airlines reports the injury of three dogs, all from self inflicted injuries trying to escape kennels.
A one year-old Pyrenees/Golden Retriever mix, named Humphrey injured himself trying to chew out of his kennel on a flight from Denver, CO to Seattle, WA.
An American Bulldog named Lucy injured herself biting the wire vents in her kennel before a flight from Tampa, FL to Seattle, WA.
A two year-old, Cane Corso Dog, named Kira had broken two nails and cut her mouth, while trying to escape her kennel. Kira was brought back to the cargo building and cleaned up and allowed to relax on the office floor, while the shipper came to pick her up and Kira didn’t fly that day.

SkyWest reports the self inflicted injury of a cat during a flight from Springfield, IL to Chicago, IL. The cat was treated by local veterinarian in Chicago and cleared to continue trip to final destination where it was released in good condition in Los Angeles, CA.

United Airlines reported 5 self-inflicted injuries and one death:
A two year-old Pit Bull Terrier injured itself trying to chew out of its crate on a flight from San Juan, PR to Newark, NJ.
A seven year-old Husky mix named Taca injured her teeth while biting the metal cage of shipping container during a plane change in Newark, NJ. The pet was treated for its injuries. United Airlines provided a wooden crate to minimize the potential for injury. The pet was shipped to Zurich, Switzerland and released in good condition.
A seven year-old Toy Poodle named Pepper had been traveling with its owner as excess baggage from Okinawa, Japan aboard another carrier. In Narita, Japan the pet and owner transferred to a United Airlines flight. Upon arrival at Chicago, IL, it was discovered that the dog had caused injury to itself within the crate. The veterinarian confirmed injury to its nails and the pet was treated for its injuries and released to the customer.
During a transfer at Chicago, IL, A four year-old German Shepherd traveling from Honolulu, HI to Jacksonville, FL was discovered that the dog had chewing at it's shipping container and injured its mouth and paws. The pet was treated for its injuries and continued to its final destination where it was released in good condition.
A Guinea Pig was discovered deceased upon arrival in Philadelphia, PA from Houston, TX. A necropsy was not performed and no irregularities were found in the handling.
An Australian Collie Mix Name arrived in Newark, NJ from Amsterdam, Netherlands with self-inflicted injuries. Upon arrival at Newark, it was discovered that the dog had been chewing on the metal door of the shipping container and appeared to have suffered lacerations to its gums. The dog was evaluated and United Airlines provided a wooden crate with larger mesh doors to prevent further self-inflicted injury. The pet was released to its owner in good condition.

Pet Travel Incidents by Airline during August, 2014.
Airline Losses Injuries Deaths
Alaska Airlines 0 3 0
SkyWest 0 1 0
United Airlines 0 5 1
Total 0 9 1

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Source: October 2014 Air Travel Consumer Report.

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