June 2006 Airline Pet Travel Report

The June, 2006 Airline Pet Travel Report contains pet incidents for the month of April, 2006.

The pet travel incident numbers are higher for the month of April 2006. The June 2006 Air Travel Consumer Report which has the numbers from the month of April lists three deaths, two injuries, and one loss. Though again this month Continental lists a death as an injury because the dog was still alive when it was removed from the aircraft, though it died on the way to the emergency vet clinic. This dog appears to have died for reasons unrelated to air travel, but it seems inappropriate to list this death as an injury (PetFlight has marked this as a death in our records).

Continental also reports the death of a 2 year old bulldog on a flight from Boston to Atlanta. No cause of death was found and Continental reported that the temperatures in the hold were between 50 and 60 degrees for the entire journey. Continental remains the only airline that includes the total number of pets transported for the month, which was 6,425.

Pinnacle Airlines reported an injury of a small Chihuahua. A supervisor took the dog to the vet, but it turns out the dog just wasn't a fan of flying and had gotten airsick.

Northwest airlines reports the loss of a cat that was able to squeeze out of the kennel door after clearing customs. At this time the cat has not been found.

American Airlines reported that an English bulldog was found deceased upon arrival in JFK from SJU. A necropsy was performed, but the results were inconclusive. The owner was traveling with two dogs, and the other dog arrived safely.

United Airlines reports that a cat was able to escape its kennel while being taken to the aircraft in Chicago and was hit by a tractor and killed. They reported that the kennel was in good condition and showed no evidence of damage.

A quick observation, three of the deaths this month were bulldogs. And a reminder to both owners and the airlines to make sure the kennel doors are secure. Though you can't place a lock on the door, you can use zip ties to help ensure the doors stay latched.

Pet Travel Incidents by Airline during April, 2006.
Airline Losses Injuries Deaths
American Airlines 0 0 1
Continental 0 0 2
Northwest Airlines 1 0 0
Pinnacle Airlines, Inc 0 1 0
United Airlines 0 0 1
Total 1 1 4

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Source: June 2006 Air Travel Consumer Report.