January 2016 Airline Pet Travel Report

The January, 2016 Airline Pet Travel Report contains pet incidents for the month of November, 2015.

American Airlines
An eight year-old Greyhound named Gumbo arrived deceased in Fort Lauderdale, FL from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Gumbo was taken to a veterinary clinic but the report stated that the cause of death was undetermined.

A Poodle puppy was transported from Ontario, CA to Orlando, FL with a change in Salt Lake City, UT. Upon arrival and unloading in Orlando the gate crew noticed the puppy was lethargic and barely responsive. The gate crew alerted the on-duty Supervisor immediately. The consignee and the dog were taken to local veterinary hospital where the puppy passed. The shipper declined to have a necropsy performed, so there is no know cause of death.

A Mini Dalmatian Puppy arrived in Pittsburgh, PA from Atlanta, GA and was unresponsive. Temperatures were mild and no necropsy was performed.

United Airlines
A four year-old Golden Retriever named Kosko injured itself trying to escape its kennel on a flight from Caracas, Venezuela to Orlando, FL. Damage to the shipping container confirmed he has been chewing on the crate.

A four year-old Poodle named Midnight was found to have an injured front paw on a flight from Honolulu, HI to Houston, TX. Inspection of the crate revealed that Midnight was trying to chewing the crate.

On a flight from Okinawa, Japan, through Tokyo, Japan to Houston, TX a domestic two year-old cat named Indigo arrived deceased. According to necropsy the cause of death was congestive heart failure.

Pet Travel Incidents by Airline during November, 2015.
Airline Losses Injuries Deaths
American Airlines 0 0 1
Delta 0 0 2
United Airlines 0 2 1
Total 0 2 4

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Source: January 2016 Air Travel Consumer Report.