November 2020 Airline Pet Travel Report

The November, 2020 Airline Pet Travel Report contains pet incidents for the month of September, 2020.

Happy to report there were no incidents for the travel month of September.

Just as a reminder, 14 CFR Part 235 of DOT regulations require U.S. carriers that operate at least one aircraft that has a designed seating capacity of 60 or more seats to report to DOT on any incidents involving the loss, injury or death of an animal in its scheduled domestic or international passenger transportation.

An "animal" for this purpose is: (1) any animal which at the time of the transportation was being kept as a pet in a family household in the United States or (2) any dog or cat which was shipped as part of a commercial shipment on a scheduled passenger flight, including shipments by trainers and breeders.

An airline is required to submit a report for any month in which it experienced such a loss, injury or death during air transportation.

DOT publishes these reports monthly and also forwards the reports to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which enforces the Animal Welfare Act.

Happy Holidays!

Pet Travel Incidents by Airline during September, 2020.
Airline Losses Injuries Deaths
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Source: November 2020 Air Travel Consumer Report.