July 2007 Airline Pet Travel Report

The July, 2007 Airline Pet Travel Report contains pet incidents for the month of May, 2007.

Continental reported the death of two dogs and the loss of one cat. On May 7th, a 4 year old Bulldog traveling from Boston to Fort Lauderdale, but upon arrival at a stop in Newark was found deceased. There was no apparent cause of death. A necropsy indicated that the death was from a heart attack.

On a San Juan to Newark flight on May 8th a 7 year old Doberman was found lying on the floor of the cargo bin deceased upon arrival in Newark. He was able to escape his kennel, but there was no external cause of death. A veterinarian's necropsy indicated that stress could have been a factor in the death.

On March 27th a cat escaped from its kennel as it was being transported to the plane in Las Vegas. Live traps were set for several weeks after the disappearance but as of this time the cat has not been captured. Continental stated that there procedures were not followed in ensuring that zip-ties were used to secure the kennel.

Delta reports the unfortunate death of a 10 year old dog. The dog was first transported on the 15th of May, but escaped its kennel in the cargo hold. The dog was captured and returned to the passenger.

May 31st the passenger returned with the dog to complete the flight. The passenger has administered two Acepromazine tablets as prescribed by her veterinarian before arrival at the airport. Apparently the dog was still agitated so two more tablets were administered by the passenger. At a stopover in Atlanta, two more tablets were administered as the dog was breathing heavily.

Upon arrival in San Francisco, the dog appeared deceased. CPR was attempted and the dog was transported to the nearest veterinarian. Delta reported that all temperature control systems were operating correctly on the flight.

Hawaiian reported the death of a 15 year old collie upon arrival to Portland from Honolulu. As usual Hawaiian provides few details on the incident.

Pet Travel Incidents by Airline during May, 2007.
Airline Losses Injuries Deaths
Continental 1 0 2
Delta 0 0 1
Hawaiian Air 0 0 1
Total 1 0 4

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Source: July 2007 Air Travel Consumer Report.