December 2008 Airline Pet Travel Report

The December, 2008 Airline Pet Travel Report contains pet incidents for the month of October, 2008.

Delta Airlines reports the death of a cat named Sylvia that was being held for transport from Charleston, SC. The shipper was unable to transport Sylvia as baggage because the destination was Johannesburg, South Africa (JNB) does not allow animals as checked baggage, only cargo. The cat was offered water at 2:00AM. At 8:00AM Sylvia was discovered deceased. The necropsy reported the cause of death was most likely caused by "untreated thyroid and renal disease. The degree of dehydration noted on the necropsy indicates a chronic rather than acute onset." Delta arranged for Sylvia's cremation and the remains were shipped to Johannesburg.

Horizon Air reported the injury of a cat from Los Angeles, CA to Flagstaff, AZ with a stop in Prescott, AZ. The kennel arrived broken and the cat had scratches on its nose. Horizon mentioned additional training on what actions need to be taken upon discovery of kennel damage and incidents involving animals.

United Airlines reports the death of a English Bulldog named Bradley. Traveling form Los Angeles, CA to Honolulu, HI Bradley was found deceased upon arrival. There were no obvious sings of duress and the necropsy indicated the death was due to natural causes.

Pet Travel Incidents by Airline during October, 2008.
Airline Losses Injuries Deaths
Delta 0 0 1
Horizon Air 0 1 0
United Airlines 0 0 1
Total 0 1 2

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Source: December 2008 Air Travel Consumer Report.