September 2009 Airline Pet Travel Report

The September, 2009 Airline Pet Travel Report contains pet incidents for the month of July, 2009.

Alaska Airlines reports the injury of two dogs this month. One dog was injured after it escaped from its kennel. It was caught with the help of its owner, but sustained an injury to its mouth, nose and rear paw.

Alaska notes that no corrective action was taken, but did not explain how the dog was able to escape from the kennel.

Another dog was injured on a separate Alaska Airlines flight from Spokane, WA to Seattle, WA where it arrived with a cut on its front pad it received while trying to escape the kennel.

American Airlines reports the death of a "pet" on a flight from Tampa, FL to San Juan, PR. The reports indicate that a necropsy was performed and that "chronic renal failure was suspected with acute pulmonary edema, possibly due to cardiac failure" but fails to mention what type of animal it was.

American Eagle, flying for American Airlines, reports the death of a puppy that arrived in Chicago, IL in route to Newark, NJ. Upon the crew noted that it seemed week and unresponsive. The dog was taken to a vet where it was determined that it had pneumonia. The Shipper was consulted and "elected euthanasia of the puppy (because of the acute renal failure and other problems that had occurred)".

Continental Airlines reports the death of a 2 year-old Yellow Lab named "Dakota" on a flight from Houston, TX to Denver, CO. A necropsy was performed and indicated preexisting medical issues that led to the dogs death.

Hawaiian Airlines reports the loss of a cat in Honolulu, HI. Apparently the cat escaped its kennel after TSA inspection and the porter failed to notify anyone that the cat escaped. Hawaiian Airlines stated that the porter will no longer be able to work for them. No word on if the cat was found.

Remember to zip tie your kennels after TSA inspection.

Pet Travel Incidents by Airline during July, 2009.
Airline Losses Injuries Deaths
Alaska Airlines 0 2 0
American Airlines 0 0 1
American Eagle 0 0 1
Continental 0 0 1
Hawaiian Air 1 0 0
Total 1 2 3

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Source: September 2009 Air Travel Consumer Report.