December 2012 Airline Pet Travel Report

The December, 2012 Airline Pet Travel Report contains pet incidents for the month of October, 2012.

Alaska Airlines reports the escape and injury of an eight year-old American Bull Dog / Pit Bull Mix. Upon arrival in Chicago, IL the dog was found to be out of its kennel. It was able to escape the plane and was loose for over an hour before being captured. It appears that a TSA agent was the last to secure the kennel and neither the owner nor TSA had zip ties to secure the kennel door.

American Airlines reports the death of a dog named Rocco. Rocco was traveling with another dog in the same kennel who arrived safe. A necropsy was performed and the cause of death was not identified.

Horizon Air reports the injury of a cat on a flight from Seattle, WA to Bellingham, WA. Upon arrival in Bellingham it was found that luggage had fallen on the kennel and injured the cat. Horizon investigated the incident and indicated the the luggage and kennel were loaded and stowed correctly. Stating the turbulence was likely the cause of the issue. The cat was treated at a clinic and released.

Pet Travel Incidents by Airline during October, 2012.
Airline Losses Injuries Deaths
Alaska Airlines 0 1 0
American Airlines 0 0 1
Horizon Air 0 1 0
Total 0 2 1

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Source: December 2012 Air Travel Consumer Report.