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Airline: Northwest Airlines
Incident Date: Mar 20, 2007
Report Date: May 2007
Incident Type: Injury
Animal: Cat
Brachycephalic: No Definition
Animal Age: Not reported
Flight Number: 312
Originating Airport: LAX (Los Angeles Intl)
Destination Airport: MSP (Minneapolis-Saint Paul International)
Reporting Airport: MSP (Minneapolis-Saint Paul International)


Type: Injury Date/Time of Incident: March 20, 2005, approx. 6:00pm Central Time Location: MSP Routing: NW #312 LAX-MSP NW #626 MSP-IAD AWB: Not applicable Shipper / Owner / Guardian: Consignee: Not applicable Description of Animal: Cat Description of Incident: Cat escaped from its kennel while in transit. Animal was easily captured upon arrival into MSP and placed in a loaner kennel. Cat had a scratch on its face. Cause of the Incident: Cat was accepted in a collapsible kennel contrary to NW policy. The top of the kennel was open on arrival. No secondary kennel door ties were present. Corrective Action Taken: Staff review: Pet acceptance procedures and acceptable kennel standards were reviewed at LAX staff meetings with front-line agents.

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