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Airline: Northwest Airlines
Incident Date: Nov 20, 2008
Report Date: January 2009
Incident Type: Injury
Animal: Dog
Brachycephalic: No Definition
Animal Age: 3 years
Flight Number: NA
Originating Airport: MSP (Minneapolis-Saint Paul International)
Destination Airport: FSD (Joe Foss Field)
Reporting Airport: FSD (Joe Foss Field)


Type: Alleged Injury Date/Time of Incident: 11/20/2008 Approx 1500

Location: FSD Routing: AEX-MEM-MSP-FSD AWB: Not applicable Shipper / Owner / Guardian: Consignee: Not applicable Description of Animal: Yellow Labrador retriever-3 years old-"Lillie" 67lbs

Description of Incident: Passenger account: Dog traveled to FSD to hunt pheasant for first time. On arrival FSD, customer noticed water tray was frozen and was concerned dog may have been frost bitten enroute. Dog hunted for 4 days in snow flushing pheasant. Day after returning home (6 days later) dog was sick and could not get up. Vet advised that dog had impacted colon and that spleen was 1.5x normal size. Vet gave enema and reported that lab work did not lead to any specific course of treatment.

Cause of the Incident: Undetermined if transport related. Corrective Action Taken: Reminder to MSP Priority Pet Staff to adhere advisory sticker* to kennel when frozen water tray is added.

*NW Form #8-A920 “Your pet has been carefully attended to by Northwest Airlines’ Priority Pet Staff. A frozen water tray was added to this kennel to prevent spillage during takeoff and to ensure that your pet had water available throughout the flight.”

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January 2009 Airline Pet Travel Report
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