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Airline: American Airlines
Incident Date: May 10, 2009
Report Date: July 2009
Incident Type: Death
Animal: Monkey
Brachycephalic: No Definition
Animal Age: Not reported
Flight Number: 1351
Originating Airport: MIA (Miami Intl)
Destination Airport: LAX (Los Angeles Intl)
Reporting Airport: LAX (Los Angeles Intl)


Carrier and Flight Number American Airlines Flight #1351 (MIA - LAS)

Date and Time of the Incident 10 MAY 2009

Narrative Description of Incident A MIA ticket agent unknowingly checked a Marmoset Monkey on 10 MAY 2009, for Flight 1531 MIA/LAS. The marmoset was not loaded on Flight 1531 and remained overnight in the MIA Bag Room. The pet monkey was then forwarded on Flight 299 MIA/LAX the next morning, which departed at 08:15 and arrived in LAX at 10:43. When the flight arrived in LAX, the Marmoset was unresponsive, and upon closer inspection was found to be deceased. The customer insisted that the monkey be transported to his private vet in MIA for a necropsy.

Narrative Description of Cause of the Incident The customer has not shared the results of the necropsy with AA.

Narrative Description of any Corrective Action Taken in Response to Incident The ticket agent involved was coached and counseled and appropriate corrective action was immediately taken. MIA has also revised Bag Room Policies regarding Pets and transferring them to aircraft. Refresher training of all Passenger Service Agents on the proper procedures for acceptance of live animals at the ticket counter is currently on-going. MIA is also in the process of informing contractors and the TSA of AA’s pet acceptance policy and who to contact if pets other than domestic canines and felines are observed in our baggage areas.

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