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Airline: Delta
Incident Date: Sep 27, 2012
Report Date: November 2012
Incident Type: Injury
Animal: Dog
Brachycephalic: No Definition
Animal Age: 5 years
Flight Number: DL 519
Originating Airport:
Destination Airport:
Reporting Airport:


Delta Air Lines Live Animal Incident Report – Redacted Reporting Period: September 2012

Carrier: Delta Air Lines

Flight Number: 319

Date and Time of Incident 9/27/2012, 1:00 PM

Type of Incident: Injury

Description of Animal Breed: Catahoula Leopard dog mix Age: 5 years Name: Buster

Description of Incident: Buster was traveling internationally with his owners and chewed through his travel kennel and escaped and by squeezing through the area he damaged and the kennel door. The dog was captured by airport employees within 15 minutes after escape. Injuries sustained to his teeth/gums, paws and neck area were treated by a veterinarian.

Cause of Incident: Buster’s injuries were self inflicted while damaging his kennel and escaping through a narrow space between the damaged kennel wall and door. Injuries to its paws may have been further exacerbated by the rough airport pavement while fleeing.

Corrective Action Taken: The dog was taken to a vet for treatment and rebooked on a flight the next day. Buster was provided with anti-anxiety drugs by the vet for the remaining legs of his trip.

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