November 2012 Airline Pet Travel Report

The November, 2012 Airline Pet Travel Report contains pet incidents for the month of September, 2012.

American Airlines reports the death of a dog named Bella. Almost no information was provided by American Airlines on the incident.

Delta reports the injury of a 5 year-old Catahoula Leopard dog named Buster who escaped and injured his paws and gums. The dog was treated by a veterinarian. Delta did not provide information on where the incident occurred.

United Airlines reports three incidents. A 3 year-old cat was found deceased upon landing in Chicago, IL after leaving Buffalo, NY. A necropsy was performed and pre-existing conditions were identified as the cause of death. A 2 year-old Golden Retriever named Bea arrived deceased in San Francisco, CA from Newark, New Jersey. The owner did not want a necropsy performed and United states that there were no mechanical issues and other pets traveling on the sane flight arrived safe. A 5 year-old dog name Jersey also arrived deceased in San Francisco, CA on a flight from Des Moines, IA. A necropsy was performed and indicated the cause if death was cardiopulmonary collapse.

Pet Travel Incidents by Airline during September, 2012.
Airline Losses Injuries Deaths
American Airlines 0 0 1
Delta 0 1 0
United Airlines 0 0 3
Total 0 1 4

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Source: November 2012 Air Travel Consumer Report.