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Airline: SkyWest
Incident Date: Nov 11, 2005
Report Date: January 2006
Incident Type: Death
Animal: Dog
Brachycephalic: No Definition
Animal Age: Not reported
Flight Number: 3793
Originating Airport: N/A
Destination Airport: SLC (Salt Lake City Intl)
Reporting Airport: SLC (Salt Lake City Intl)


Incident Involving Animal During Air Transport

Date 11/11/05 SkyWest Flight Number 3793 Time of Incident 1:30 p MST

Reporting Manager/Supervisor Redacted Station SLC

PetFirst (Delta Connection only) XChecked BaggageCabin Pet__ (check applicable)

Damage____ Loss__InjuryDeathX___(check applicable)

Description of Animal including name if available___Chinese Crescent- Male

Identification of owner(s) and/or guardian of the animal Shipper: Redacted Consignee: Redacted

Narrative description of the incident, names of witnesses and/or SkyWest employees involved

Flight 3792 arrived at 12:42p. Cargo Agent scanned and transferred the shipment to the bag room to stage for flight 3785 to COS. At 1:30p when ramp agent loaded up the kennel which contained two Chinese Crescents Puppies- one male and one female-on a cart for the aircraft, he noticed one of the dogs wasn’t moving.

Narrative Description of the cause of the incident

According to the report from the veterinarian the “death of the male dog is presumed to be associated with hemorrhagic diarrhea and medical complications that commonly occur as a result of such a condition. Stress,as a result of travel, may have contributed to the condition. The cause of the diarrhea remains undetermined.”

Narrative description of any corrective action taken in response to the incident

Shipper and Consignee were notified, as well as originating station. Authorization was given to take animals to a local Veterinarian.. An autopsy was done on deceased animal and test run on both. Female dog kept for two days at Veterinary Clinic for observation and later determined to be fit for travel.. No corrective action taken on behalf of SkyWest

Submitted by: SkyWest Airlines

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