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Airline: Delta
Incident Date: Nov 03, 2014
Report Date: January 2015
Incident Type: Death
Animal: Cat
Brachycephalic: No Definition
Animal Age: 2 years
Flight Number: DL101
Originating Airport: LAX (Los Angeles Intl)
Destination Airport:
Reporting Airport: ATL (Hartsfield - Jackson Atlanta Intl)


Type: Death Date of Incident: November 3, 2014 Location: Atlanta, GA Routing: Honolulu, HI (HNL) – Los Angeles, CA (LAX) – Atlanta, GA (ATL) – New Bern, NC (EWN) DL1212 / DL101 AWB: 006-83040565 Description of Animal: Domestic Long Hair Feline, Male, named “Hart” Description of Incident: Hart, a domestic male feline, was presented for travel to our agents in HNL on November 2. All documents were reviewed and processed in accordance with our acceptance procedures. Hart, along with another family pet, Cookie, a terrier mix were loaded on DL1212, which pushed back from the gate in HNL at approximately 2210. DL1212 arrived on schedule in LAX at 0532 the morning of November 3rd. The temperature at the time of acceptance was 79F and on arrival at LAX the temperature was approximately 53F. The agent who unloaded the flight brought Hart and Cookie to the cargo area where they were staged while awaiting their connecting flight, DL101, which had a scheduled departure time of 1115 from LAX to ATL. Agents did not observe any unusual behavior from the animals and no one appeared to be in distress. At approximately 0953 our driver left the warehouse to deliver Hart, Cookie and now one additional Malinois dog, traveling to a separate location, to DL101. After the agent arrived at the departing gate he placed all three kennels on the belt loader. The agent stated all three kennels were intact and the demeanor of the animals appeared calm. DL101 pushed back from the gate at approximately 1134. The temperature at the time of departure from LAX was 73F. Once DL101 arrived into ATL, agents unloading the flight immediately noticed the Malinois was not inside his crate. He chewed his way through the releasable cable ties and pulled the front door inward allowing him to escape from its crate. Agents observed blood around the mouth of the Malinois. On further observation they noted blood inside the cat’s container and that Hart was unresponsive. During the flight, the Malinois apparently attacked the cat while he was inside his crate thus causing Hart’s death. Cause of Incident: According to the necropsy received from the University of Georgia Veterinary School, Hart suffered multiple bite wounds to the thoracic wall causing extensive hemorrhaging. Corrective Action Taken: None Warranted

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