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Airline: Shuttle America
Incident Date: May 28, 2006
Report Date: July 2006
Incident Type: Death
Animal: Dog
Brachycephalic: Yes Definition
Animal Age: Not reported
Flight Number: UA 7599
Originating Airport: SNA (John Wayne Airport-Orange County)
Destination Airport: MSY (Louis Armstrong New Orleans Intl)
Reporting Airport: MSY (Louis Armstrong New Orleans Intl)


Animal Incident Report to the US Department of Transportation Pursuant to 14 CFR 234.13 Reporting Period May 1, 2006 -- May 31, 2006


Flight Number: UA 7599

Date of Incident: 5/28/2006

Time of Incident: 9:50 PM CST

Description of Animal: Dog Breed: Boxer Name: Popeye

Identification of the owner(s) and/or guardian: REDACTED

Description of the incident:

Popeye was traveling from Santa Ana, CA to New Orleans, LA. He was observed in Chicago when making the connecting flight, and appeared to be normal, Upon arrival of the aircraft in New Orleans the animal was found to be deceased inside the Kennel, which was located in the forward cargo bin of the aircraft.

Description of the cause of the incident:

Cause is not known -- autopsy was inconclusive as to cause of death. Additional Autopsy requested. Results of Second Autopsy are not available as of this date.

Description of Correct Action taken in response to the incident:

No Corrective Action taken -- All carrier procedures were followed.

Reported By: REDACTED

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July 2006 Airline Pet Travel Report
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