July 2006 Airline Pet Travel Report

The July, 2006 Airline Pet Travel Report contains pet incidents for the month of May, 2006.

The July 2006 Air Travel Consumer Report which includes the airline pet travel incidents for May, 2006 report two deaths. There is not currently much information available on these incidents. Alaska Airlines reported that a 14 year old cockapoo was found deceased upon arrival in Anchorage from Seattle. They reported no signs of damage or mishandling to the kennel. It was not reported if a necropsy was performed. Other pets traveling in the same aircraft hold arrived safely.

Shuttle America (United Express) reported that Popeye, a boxer dog, was found deceased upon arrival in New Orleans, Louisiana from Santa Ana, California. A necropsy was performed and it was inconclusive. An additional autopsy has been requested, but the results have not been reported.

Pet Travel Incidents by Airline during May, 2006.
Airline Losses Injuries Deaths
Alaska Airlines 0 0 1
Shuttle America 0 0 1
Total 0 0 2

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Source: July 2006 Air Travel Consumer Report.

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