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Airline: Alaska Airlines
Incident Date: Sep 08, 2023
Report Date: November 2023
Incident Type: Loss
Animal: Dog
Brachycephalic: No Definition
Animal Age: 3 years 6 months
Flight Number: 549
Originating Airport: ALN (St Louis Regional)
Destination Airport: SEA (Seattle-Tacoma Intl)
Reporting Airport: ALN (St Louis Regional)


AVIH Dog escape STL


Flight 549 STL/SEA

Breed: Terrier Mix

Age: 3.5 years

Brief Description of Incident: Upon discovery during upload, dog (still in kennel) was placed into a baggage cart to be taken to the ticket counter and returned to owner. The dog escaped the kennel and baggage cart onto the ramp, where it was recovered safely the next morning and returned to its owner.

Description of the Cause of Incident: Dog chewed metal grade off the side of the kennel.

Description of Corrective Action Taken (if any): Ensure live animals are placed in a secure/escape proof place when being transported on the ramp.

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