August 2009 Airline Pet Travel Report

The August, 2009 Airline Pet Travel Report contains pet incidents for the month of June, 2009.

American Airlines reports the injury of one dog. Upon arrival in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the kennel was moved to a shaded area. During the move, the front door on the kennel opened and the dog got out. It was captured, but burned its pads on the hot tarmac.

The customer had planned to carrier the dog in the cabin, but it was checked at the gate. American stated that zip ties were not available so the kennel door was not secured.

Continental reports the death of two dogs. The first was a 5 year-old Golden Retriever named Max. Upon arrival in Newark, NJ from Houston, TX, Max was found deceased. A necropsy was performed but the findings were inconclusive, though it was noted that "beginnings of heart disease in that he had heart valvular defects that compromised cardiac function during the stress of transport". Continental states that all normal precautions and policies were followed.

Also on Continental, a French Bulldog named Norman arrived deceased in Los Angeles, CA from Fort Lauderdale, FL. Four other dogs on the flight arrived safely. Continental states that their team was alerted to the fact that one of the dogs was a French Bulldog and extra precautions were taken because of the increased risk for brachycephalic animals.

Delta reports the death of a 7 year-old cat named Sophie after an international flight from Munich, Germany to Atlanta, GA. The cat arrived in a distressed state and was transported to a local veterinary hospital where she passed.

A necropsy was performed and stated "Sophie was deceased due to heat stroke and that her condition was further complicated by an existing upper respiratory condition and excessive fat accumulation". The owners two other cats arrived safely on the same flight. Delta states that an investigation was conducted and the cats were properly loaded in the cargo bin and the on board circulation system was properly working.

Northwest Airlines reports the death of a dog named Sampson on a flight from Honolulu, HI to Seattle, WA. A necropsy was performed, but the results were inclusive. Three other animals arrived safely on the same flight.

Pet Travel Incidents by Airline during June, 2009.
Airline Losses Injuries Deaths
American Airlines 0 1 0
Continental 0 0 2
Delta 0 0 1
Northwest Airlines 0 0 1
Total 0 1 4

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Source: August 2009 Air Travel Consumer Report.