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Airline: Northwest Airlines
Incident Date: Jun 02, 2009
Report Date: August 2009
Incident Type: Death
Animal: Dog
Brachycephalic: No Definition
Animal Age: Not reported
Flight Number: 626
Originating Airport: HNL (Honolulu Intl)
Destination Airport: SEA (Seattle-Tacoma Intl)
Reporting Airport: SEA (Seattle-Tacoma Intl)


Cargo Incident Report # 0609-1 Type: Death Date of Incident: June 2, 2009 Location: SEA Routing: NW 626 HNL-SEA NW 210 SEA-DTW NW 1098 DTW-SDF AWB: 012 HNL 44165796 Shipper / Owner / Guardian: Redacted Consignee: Redacted Description of Animal: Dog, named “Samson” Description of Incident: The shipper’s pet dog was tendered to NW at 6:15PM on June 1 for a 9:10PM flight to Seattle. At approximately 8:00PM the dog was observed by NW Cargo personnel to be drooling and growling and was given water. A call was placed to the shipper to advise them of our observations and concerns. The shipper advised that this was normal behavior for Samson and that he was fit for travel. The shipper called NW at 9:00PM to make sure Samson was loaded on the flight. The cargo compartment door was closed at 9:11PM. The flight departed the gate at 9:13PM and took off for Seattle at 9:34PM. The temperature in Honolulu at the time of departure was 82F and was within NW and USDA guidelines.

On arrival at Seattle Samson was found to be deceased. Three other animals onboard arrived healthy and without incident. A necropsy was performed at the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory at Washington State University. Unfortunately the results of the necropsy were inconclusive. The cause of death could not be determined.
Cause of the Incident: Unknown. Corrective Action Taken: None. This pet was accepted and handled in accordance with NW policies and procedures. Prepared by: Redacted Filed on behalf of NW by: Redacted

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