Pet Travel Incidents for Hawaiian Air

Below is a listing of reports filed by Hawaiian Air on the loss, injury or death of pets during air travel.

Type Animal Incident Date Details
Death Dog Feb 29, 2016 Details
Death Dog Oct 10, 2015 Details
Death Dog Oct 20, 2014 Details
Death Cat Jan 20, 2014 Details
Death Dog Apr 30, 2013 Details
Loss Dog Mar 26, 2013 Details
Death Dog Dec 17, 2012 Details
Death Dog Dec 01, 2012 Details
Death Dog Dec 19, 2011 Details
Death Dog Sep 30, 2011 Details
Injury Dog Sep 19, 2011 Details
Death Dog Nov 25, 2010 Details
Death Unknown Jul 01, 2010 Details
Loss Cat Jul 14, 2009 Details
Death Dog Apr 08, 2008 Details
Injury Dog Oct 30, 2007 Details
Death Dog May 29, 2007 Details
Loss Cat Oct 15, 2006 Details
Death Dog Aug 28, 2006 Details
Injury Dog Dec 02, 2005 Details
Injury Dog Jun 14, 2005 Details
Injury Cat Jun 14, 2005 Details

Pet Travel Incident reporting started in 2005 and the information on this page is current as of August 2016.

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Airport Pet Travel Incident Map
Map of all airports that have reported an air travel, pet related incident.

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