November 2011 Airline Pet Travel Report

The November, 2011 Airline Pet Travel Report contains pet incidents for the month of September, 2011.

Delta reports the death of a nine year-old Golden Retriever named Misty. Misty was traveling from Baltimore, MD to Orange County, CA through Atlanta, GA. Upon landing in Orange County, ramp agents opened the cargo door and found Misty Deceased.
According to pathologist report, Misty’s cause of death was cardiopulmonary failure. The pathologist further states within the report that the changes in Misty’s heart had been developing over the “last few weeks to months”.

Hawaiian Air reports the injury of one dog and the death of another.
A Pug traveling from Portland, OR to Honolulu, HI escaped its kennel while it was waiting to be picked up after the flight and injured its paws before it was caught. The cause was listed as a defective kennel and Hawaiian Air stated that agents would be trained to identify unsafe kennels prior to acceptance.
An English Bulldog arrived in Kona, HI from Honolulu, HI and was showing signs of distress. The dog passed while it was being taken to the baggage claim. Cause was listed as unknown and no additional information was provide.

Pet Travel Incidents by Airline during September, 2011.
Delta 001
Hawaiian Air 011
Total 0 1 2

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claudine etter wrote almost 5 years ago:

Are there any times during the year that Delta will fly my boxer (snub nosed dog)?
Will they fly him in cabin as a service dog?
Have you heard good things about Bill Rosenthal from pet air limo? He flys a cessna and will fly dogs in cabin.

Adelle wrote almost 5 years ago:

Any airline will fly your service dog in the cabin with proper documentation, book the bulkhead seat in so your service dog can lay at your feet.

Billy Rosenthal cannot be trusted. I learned that from experience.

Casey Bell wrote over 4 years ago:

Does anyone know of a good airline to ship my Rottweiler from Atlanta Area to Honolulu, Hawaii... He is going to have to be unaccompanied.... Thanks

billy rosenthal wrote over 4 years ago:

i came accross this page and to be honest i thought that this must be from a jealous and obsolete ground shipper but i can truly say without reservation i have never lost a dog or cat while in transport and to further your viscious remarks i am probably 50 times faster than ground now by the time the animale takes his firt nap he or she will be back with his wifle owner alive and that is a garantee and i can back it up can you.

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Source: November 2011 Air Travel Consumer Report.

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