December 2010 Airline Pet Travel Report

The December, 2010 Airline Pet Travel Report contains pet incidents for the month of October, 2010.

Alaska Airlines reports the loss of one cat and the injury of one dog.

A small gray tabby cat with white patches was lost before loading in Orlando, Florida. The kennel was loaded empty and not noticed until arrival in Seattle, Washington. Alaska Airlines noted that no action was required, but the report did not indicate if the kennel door was secured with zip ties. It is unknown if the cat could have been able to be found if the search was started when the kennel was loaded empty.

Alaska Airlines also reports the self-inflected injury of a German Shepherd Dog before a flight left Nome, Alaska. The dog chewed through the kennel and escaped, injuring its mouth in the process. Alaska Airlines provided a replacement kennel and the owner chose to continue with the flight.

Delta Airlines reports the death of two dogs and one bird as well as the injury of two dogs.

A four and a half year-old Pug named Tony arrived deceased in Sao Paulo, Brazil from a flight originating in Boston, Massachusetts and stopping in Detroit, Michigan. Delta verified that temperature and pressure controls were working as expected. The owner did not consent to a necropsy, so none was performed.

A 12 year-old Jack Russell Terrier named Tiki arrived deceased in Atlanta, Georgia on a flight originating in Copenhagen, Denmark. Delta requested to perform a necropsy but the owner stated that Tiki was 12 years old and had medical problems which required medication and for this reason did not want a necropsy performed. A second dog traveling on the same flight arrived safe.

A three year-old female Golden Conure arrived deceased in Chicago, Illinois after connecting in Atlanta, Georgia and originating in Palm Beach, Florida. A necropsy was performed and the pathologist stated “the cause of death unknown”. A second bird arrived safe.

A Pit Bull chewed through its plastic kennel and damaged its mouth prior to departure of a flight originating in Stuttgart, Germany. The owner refused vet care and no further action was tanked by Delta.

A four year-old Pit Bull Terrier named Dexter arrived in Seattle, Washington with a injury to its mouth from trying to escape its kennel. The dog was taken to a local veterinary clinic where he was cleared to continue on his flight to Fairbanks, Alaska

Pet Travel Incidents by Airline during October, 2010.
Airline Losses Injuries Deaths
Alaska Airlines 1 1 0
Delta 0 2 3
Total 1 3 3

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Source: December 2010 Air Travel Consumer Report.